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2023, that’s a wrap! Celebrating 30% Employee Growth, Innovation and Employee Satisfaction

As we say goodbye to another remarkable year, it’s with immense pride that we reflect on the incredible journey of growth and success Payara has experienced. The past twelve months have been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by a surge in our workforce, spanning 16 countries across the globe, the creation of new business units, and the introduction of perks and benefits that have truly resonated with Payarans.

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Payara Candidate Journey

At Payara, we have worked hard on our candidate journey and are always trying to improve our candidate experience. This year, we have implemented more automation, which I know is like Marmite (some love it and some hate it!). We know automation can be a great addition to a candidate’s journey, as it has many benefits such as speeding up decision-making time, allowing candidates to book interview slots that suit them, and ensuring our own hiring managers have a full-picture view of their hiring campaign.

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Remote Working – For the Win?!

3 years on from the pandemic, companies are now assessing the way they want their employees to work. Most companies that could go remote, went remote and are facing the decision to either ask staff to come back into the office full time, work hybrid or stay fully remote.

It’s safe to say that with the cost of living going up in the majority of countries across the globe, remote working is a better financial decision for companies as they don’t have the costs of an office building and the upkeep and maintenance. It’s also better financially for staff as they don’t have the expense of commuting, office wear and spontaneous purchases whilst at work, such as coffees and lunches.

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