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International Girls in ICT Day: Meet Elif!

Today, (April 27) is International Girls in ICT Day! This is an annual event designed to celebrate women exploring and pursuing careers in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The theme this year is ‘Digital Skills for Life’, so we spoke to one of the Girls in ICT at Payara, Elif, a Junior Service Engineer. She told us about her passion for ICT and her career path.

We hope her story can help encourage other young women to pursue ICT careers and pick up their own digital skills. If you are a young woman interested in a career in ICT, make sure you sign up for job alerts with Payara, to be the first to hear about our remote work graduate scheme.

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Satisfaction Surveys – Payara’s Results Are In!

Happy, motivated staff is the goal for every business – because who doesn’t want a high performing, engaged workforce?! 

Working in a globally distributed, fully remote company means that, sometimes, you can’t always see what is working for your people in the moment. That’s why regular satisfaction surveys (eNPS) are so valuable. These surveys give everyone a chance to feedback what they think is going well and where changes need to be made. 

But what about emotional wellbeing? This refers to the other aspects that tell you about someone’s experience in the company – their personal motivators, relationships with others and general happiness levels. These factors are just as important as overall job satisfaction, helping businesses shape the perfect culture for growth and productivity. 

Last week, Payara got the results back from our first eNPS survey of 2023, along with the results of our very first wellbeing survey, and the results are eye-opening. See what some of our Payaran’s said below… 

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Remote Working – For the Win?!

3 years on from the pandemic, companies are now assessing the way they want their employees to work. Most companies that could go remote, went remote and are facing the decision to either ask staff to come back into the office full time, work hybrid or stay fully remote.

It’s safe to say that with the cost of living going up in the majority of countries across the globe, remote working is a better financial decision for companies as they don’t have the costs of an office building and the upkeep and maintenance. It’s also better financially for staff as they don’t have the expense of commuting, office wear and spontaneous purchases whilst at work, such as coffees and lunches.

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Parents of Payara: Head of People Julia Millidge

What’s life like as a parent at Payara?

Due to our flexible remote-working policy, there is a lot that is appealing about combining parenthood with Payara. When your commute is non-existent, it’s easier to be there for those precious moments. However, when your work and home life are blended, there are challenges!

We are talking to Payaran parents about the mix of family life and a career at a fast-paced scale-up business in our ‘Parents of Payara’ series. See interviews from other parents Dominika and Simon here! Hopefully you can find some inspiration, or even just a bit of recognition for experiences shared…

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Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day, on March 8, is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

At Payara, our female employees are part of a world where women are often underrepresented – software! We wanted to speak to a few of them to spotlight their perspective and inspire others. With our flexible working opportunities and progressive maternity leave policy, as well as regular diversity and inclusion training, we are taking steps to ensure our workplace is a great place for women – but there is always more to be done.

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Meet Luis – New Payara Starter

Welcome to another of our new starters: Luis, Java Software Engineer, based in Brazil!

We found out a bit more about Luis in this quick Q+A – from his favourite piece of music for productivity, to the fact he takes advantage of his location by watching the famous Brazilian football team in action. Just make sure you don’t assume he creates spreadsheets all day…

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5 Benefits of Remote-First Companies

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses around the world to reconsider their working models. Companies that had never offered employees to work from home were suddenly moving to remote-friendly working arrangements just to stay afloat. The continuing concerns over the pandemic have accelerated the growth of remote work, and it’s predicted that 32% of all employees worldwide will be remote by the end of the year (up from 17% of remote employees in 2019). The pandemic has reshaped the work world, potentially for good.  

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Team Payara Chooses the Bumblebee Conservation Trust as its Charity of the Year

Payara Services are proud to announce that we’ve chosen the Bumblebee Conservation Trust as our Payara Charity of the Year!

About the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust was established because of serious concerns over declining numbers of bumblebees. These insects are not only well-loved but also valued for the way they pollinate crops and wildflowers.

The charity aims to enhance understanding of the work these industrious insects do, why they are declining in numbers and how a diverse range of people can help. They also work to increase the quality and quantity of bumblebee habitats.

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Payara Services Seen from the Sky for Red Nose Day

Comic Relief is a major charity based in the UK, working towards the vision of a just world, free from poverty. Red Nose Day – a day of activities and events to raise money – is its most famous fundraising effort. 

In aid of Red Nose Day 2021, Team Payara contributed to a fundraising project where the iconic ‘Red Nose’ logo was painted onto the rugby pitch local to our UK office. Continue reading “Payara Services Seen from the Sky for Red Nose Day”

Our Sponsored Kayaker during Covid-19

Payara Services is governed by seven core values, designed to underpin everything we do. These are Community, Excellence, Growth, Openness, Initiative, Passion and Trust.

We chose to sponsor Team GB Kayaker Emma Witherford because she embodies these values. After renewing our support for 2020 – 2021, we decided to check in with Emma on how she has coped during the inevitable challenges and struggles of lockdown and the pandemic. We found that she is living our values more than ever before:

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Cake Sale for Macmillan Cancer Support

If you are a regular reader of our Fish Food for Thought Blogs, you probably already know that the Payarans can’t say no to a cake 😉 So, once again, we decided to turn our love for cake into something useful and last Friday, the 18th of October, we took part in the Macmillan Coffee Morning, selling a huge variety of home-baked cakes! Continue reading “Cake Sale for Macmillan Cancer Support”

Improving Health and the Environment at Payara Services

The importance of business environmental sustainability and social responsibility is growing and we at Payara Services are doing our best to make sure our impact on the environment and our local community is as positive as possible. In the recent months, we’ve been implementing some changes to further improve in those areas. In addition to some environmentally friendly day-to-day behaviours that we take for granted (such as switching the lights off when we leave the office!) we are now taking some proactive steps to improve and make a more positive impact. Continue reading “Improving Health and the Environment at Payara Services”

Macmillan Cancer Support Charity Fundraiser

I LOVE cake so any excuse to start baking is great. This year, the office staff in Payara UK decided to mix things up and offer a baked goods delivery service to the surrounding businesses…all for a price of course! This is a fundraiser after all! We requested donations in exchange for baked goods for Macmillan Cancer Support. Continue reading “Macmillan Cancer Support Charity Fundraiser”

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