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Payara® Server Enterprise

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Payara Enterprise

The best application platform for Jakarta EE (Java EE) apps.

Payara Server Enterprise is a cloud-native middleware application platform supporting mission critical production systems with reliable and secure deployments of Jakarta EE applications on premise, in the cloud, or hybrid environments. A stable open source platform with monthly releases, bug fixes, and a 10-year software lifecycle, Payara Server is aggressively compatible with the ecosystem, cloud vendors, Docker, and Kubernetes. With a history stemming from the Java EE reference implementation GlassFish, those familiar with GlassFish will find many similarities with Payara Server but with significant improvements in the developer experience and performance.

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Officially compatible with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile, the application server is developed in collaboration with an industry-leading DevOps team and the global Payara community to ensure Payara Server is the best option for production Jakarta EE (Java EE) applications today and in the future.

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Cloud-native and Aggressively Compatible

Develop, test, and deploy your Jakarta EE applications in any environment: public, private, or multi-cloud.

Broad integration with cloud vendors including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and more.

Migrate existing Jakarta EE applications into the cloud or build new, cloud-native applications on public cloud.

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Optimized for Containers

Out-of-the-box container support, including Docker container images – or you can create your own.

Integration between Payara Server’s Admin Console and Docker to provide control and monitoring of Payara Server instances running in a container on a Docker node.

Deep support for running on a Kubernetes infrastructure.

High availability, reliability, and automatic scaling with the Payara Domain Data Grid.

Container Resources

Stable and Fully Supported

Monitoring & diagnostics to discover and fix problems before they become major issues with Payara InSight.

Monthly releases, bug fixes, and patches ensure security and stability of your production environment.

10-year software lifecycle.

Community innovations adopted when fully tested and ready for mission critical production usage.

Migration & Project Support, 24×7, or 10×5 support options included. 

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Payara Server Features

Admin Console Auditing Service

Admin Console

Admin Console Auditing Service keeps track of all actions that are executed (manually or through the asadmin CLI tool) so that you can later determine if any problem was linked to a certain command that was executed. 

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Certificate Management

Certificate Management

Certificate Management asadmin commands in Payara Server Enterprise makes it easier and faster to install and update SSL certificates while preventing mistakes. 

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Deployment Group (Clustering)

Deployment Group

Payara Server’s Deployment Groups are an extremely flexible form of clustering as each instance can be part of one or more Deployment Groups. When a Deployment Group is restarted, a rolling restart of each instance is performed to ensure the information contained in the Domain Data Grid is kept. 

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Domain Data Grid

Data Domain Grid

The Domain Data Grid makes it easy to create a cluster of Payara instances running your application and works right out-of-the-box in variety of network topologies with little to no configuration needed for Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, and LAN environments. 

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JMX Monitoring

JMX Monitoring

JMX Monitoring in Payara Server allows you to gather information from MBeans and push it to external systems for processing and reporting without the need for external applications such as JConsole or VisualVM. 

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Payara InSight

Payara InSight

The Payara InSight monitoring console provides a visual representation of all metrics collected by Payara Server Enterprise, including MicroProfile Metrics defined via annotations, making it possible to track application-level performance and status. 

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10-Year Software Support Lifecycle

You won’t have to worry about upgrading a year or two after you implement Payara Server Enterprise as our Enterprise software  has a 10-Year Software Lifecycle to maintain the stability of your production environment.

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