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Payara’s Platform Engineering Innovations Under the Spotlight at JAX Conference in Germany

Payara Services will showcase its latest advances in the development landscape at JAX 2024, which will take place from April 22-26 in Mainz, Germany. In addition to exhibiting through physical and virtual stands at the event, the company‘s innovative approach to Platform Engineering for businesses delivering solutions with Jakarta EE will be discussed in one of the main conference’s sessions.  

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Insider Look: Joining the Payara Product Team

A Conversation with Senior Product Managers 

Over the last few weeks, Payara Services announced multiple exciting job openings, attesting to the growing acceptance of our solutions as well as our company. As we look for many engineering specialists to join our Product team, we believe it is important to give any potential applicants an insight into what it is like to work in this team and what they can expect as Payarans.  

In line with this, we interviewed our Senior Product Managers, Louise Castens and Ilias Efstathiou, to discuss what it’s like to work hands-on on the Payara Platform.  

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Remote-first business Payara highly commended in Remote Excellence Awards

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Payara Services Ltd. was highly commended at the 2024 Remote Excellence Award, organized by the leader in building, managing, and supporting globally distributed workforces, Remote. Praised within the Excellence in DE&I (diversity, equity and inclusion) category, the company was acknowledged for its proven record in welcoming and valuing team members with different nationalities, genders, races, ages, religions, sexual orientations and abilities.

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Payara Cloud Hackathon now open for sign-ups!

Sign up now and join the Hackathon between the 11th and the 31st of March. Build an app with Jakarta EE 10 and Payara Cloud for a chance to win £3,000 in prize money for the winner, with £2,000 and £1,000 prizes for runners up.

Join us in shaping the future at our “Innovating for a Sustainable Future with Jakarta EE” Hackathon. This is your invitation to dive into the world of development with a cause, using Jakarta EE to craft solutions that pave the way for a greener, more sustainable world.

Whether you’re a developer, designer, or innovator, we’re looking for applications that tackle environmental, social, and economic sustainability challenges.

With a focus on deploying to our Payara as a Service platform Payara Cloud, this is your chance to showcase the power and versatility of Jakarta EE technologies.

Find out more and sign up on the official Payara Cloud Hackathon 2024 page.

Maximizing Developer Productivity: Tools and Techniques For Java Developers

Join our insightful webinar “Maximizing Developer Productivity: Tools and Techniques,” featuring Java Champion and Developer Evangelist Trisha Gee from Gradle and Jakarta EE Expert Luqman Saeed from Payara. This session is tailored to enhance your coding efficiency and productivity, offering practical insights into smarter and more effective software development.

During the webinar we will cover the following:

-An introduction to advanced productivity tools by Trisha, aimed at streamlining your coding process and improving focus.

-Practical coding techniques that extend beyond basics, focusing on effective task management, automation, and the strategic use of libraries and frameworks.

-Strategies to maintain high code quality while keeping pace, incorporating methods like test-driven development and code reviews.

-A chance to interact directly with Trisha and Luqman in a Q&A session, where you can seek advice and share your experiences.

-Real-world examples demonstrating the tangible benefits of these tools and techniques in software development.

-Insights into staying abreast of emerging tools and trends in the fast-paced world of software development.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Java developer, this webinar is designed to provide you with valuable insights to improve your productivity. Save your place now and join us for a session filled with expert guidance from Trisha Gee and Luqman Saeed, helping you to enhance your development skills.

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2023, that’s a wrap! Celebrating 30% Employee Growth, Innovation and Employee Satisfaction

As we say goodbye to another remarkable year, it’s with immense pride that we reflect on the incredible journey of growth and success Payara has experienced. The past twelve months have been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by a surge in our workforce, spanning 16 countries across the globe, the creation of new business units, and the introduction of perks and benefits that have truly resonated with Payarans.

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Virtual Payara Conference: Empowering Enterprise Innovation with Jakarta EE

We are hosting our first ever Payara conference! This day long event is totally virtual, so you can join online from anywhere in the world. It’s a must-see for anyone who wants to stay up to date with the future of Jakarta EE. We will be looking ahead to Jakarta EE 11, exploring the challenges and opportunities of enterprise Java and learning more about Payara Platform, plans for 2024 and the different options available to you as an enterprise Java developer.

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Payara Becomes Official Partner of Fadata Ecosystem

Fadata, a leading global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, is pleased to announce that Payara has become an official partner of the Fadata Ecosystem.

The agreement forms part of a bigger picture from Fadata, to provide insurers with out-of-the-box software solutions. The Ecosystem of partners is designed to enable speedy, seamless deployment of new technology capabilities from different sources, to ensure insurance companies can meet changing customer needs and expectations with fast paced innovation. Fadata clients now have direct access to the Payara application server for more efficient deployment. Thanks to the partnership, Payara has been optimised for the Fadata Ecosystem to support insurers to enjoy more flexibility and functionalities in the Cloud. Becoming an Ecosystem partner means that Payara terms and conditions and licensing policies are pre-approved by Fadata, and the relationship ensures ongoing improvements from which Fadata’s clients can benefit.

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Experience Fully Managed Jakarta EE Cloud Deployment with Payara Cloud’s New Free Trial

Payara invites developers and enterprises to explore the capabilities of Payara Cloud by taking advantage of the new Free Trial. To give developers a taste of its exceptional capabilities, Payara is proud to introduce a new 15 days Free Trial of Payara Cloud, enabling users to experience effortless cloud deployment like never before.

Payara Cloud redefines the way Jakarta EE applications are deployed, taking an approach that handles server-related complexities on behalf of users. It leverages the core principles of Jakarta EE to isolate deployable applications from infrastructure intricacies. This innovative platform, built to run on Microsoft Azure using the Azure Kubernetes Service, seamlessly takes a user’s application bundle (WAR file) and deploys to automatically provisioned containers in Kubernetes pods.

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Payara Boosts Cybersecurity Credentials as CVE Numbering Authority

Payara is proud to announe that it has become a CVE Numbering Authority. Read the full press release:

Payara, a leading provider of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile runtimes, has been authorized by the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Program as a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA).

Payara can now publish authoritative cybersecurity vulnerability information about its products via the CVE Program. Vulnerabilities will be given a unique, alphanumeric identifier, building the CVE List that feeds into the U.S. National Vulnerability Database (NVD), and playing a role in the CVE Program’s mission to identify, define and catalogue cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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Payara Retreat 2023: Payara in Prague!

Payara Retreat (formerly “Payara Week”) is our annual, on-location event to become closer to one another, to put our ideas for Payara’s future success on the table, and to have some fun across all teams.

Last year, then-Payara Week was online, and we proved that we could connect well virtually. However, it meant a lot to meet again face-to-face, for the first time since Payara Week in 2020, the week before the world closed down!

A lot has changed since then – including the growth of Payara. Almost double the amount of team members, or“Payarans”, met for the renamed Payara Retreat in the beautiful city of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic.

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Payara Launches Production Ready Platform for Jakarta EE 10 and MicroProfile 6

We launched our production-ready product for use with the most recent Jakarta EE and MicroProfile versions. Read the full press release:

 Jakarta EE developers can now use the latest releases of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile with a fully supported, production-ready version of the Payara Platform Enterprise. With this release, Payara continues to stay at the forefront of the Jakarta EE ecosystem and ensures an enhanced user experience with new features and benefits.

Payara Platform Enterprise Edition 6.0 is the first release of Payara’s Enterprise product for use with Jakarta EE 10. It follows last year’s November release of the Jakarta EE 10 compatible Payara Platform Community Edition 6.2022.1, created for use in development and testing environments.

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Payara Announces Winners of First Ever Hackathon!

We are proud to announce the winners of our first ever Payara Hackathon!

We asked entrants to build an app with Jakarta EE 10 and Payara Platform for a chance to win £3,000 in prize money for the winner, with £2,000 and £1,000 prizes for runners up – and the chance to get key recognition in the Jakata EE Community.

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Virtual Payara Day Q2/Q3: Finding Our Voices and Our Mascots

Virtual Payara Day is our quarterly virtual conference! 

Virtual Payara Day (VPD) is an opportunity for team members to get to know each other in a way that they can’t day-to-day, as well as getting business updates from the CEO and from other functional teams.

This quarterly event is a consistent opportunity for updates on Payara’s performance in the previous quarter and on its initiatives in the next, ensuring that we have an updated, shared understanding of Payara’s current position and that we are all working towards the same goals.

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Hosting Advice Interview with Our CEO and Founder Steve Millidge

Our CEO and Founder Steve Millidge featured in this profile on Hosting Advice, originally published here and now reproduced for our website.

Written by: Lynn Cadet

Edited by: Lillian Castro

Reviewed by: Christina Lewis

TL; DR: Payara offers a serverless solution that simplifies Jakarta EE (formerly Java EE) deployments on the cloud, allowing developers to operate with speed and agility. Its Payara Cloud platform automates infrastructure tasks and makes cloud deployment more efficient by saving developers time and money. Payara users can focus on writing code while also having the ability to run their applications from anywhere.

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Payara Launches Payara Cloud – Serverless Approach for Jakarta EE

The cloud native application runtime automates tasks like Kubernetes deployment, ingress and YAML.

Today, Payara launches a new product Payara Cloud, designed to run Jakarta EE apps easily and quickly on the cloud. Developers simply upload any web application following the Jakarta Web Profile specification and run it in a containerized Payara Micro instance. Payara Cloud deals with infrastructure allowing them to build the code and concentrate on business logic.

Developer experience is crucial to us, and with Payara Cloud we are responding to the growing popularity of platform engineering and its integrated products to deal with operational necessities. Payara Cloud caters to this growing demand for tools that automate infrastructural tasks; improving efficiency and shortening development cycles,” said Steve Millidge, Payara Founder and CEO.

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Video: Payara Services Wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Earlier this year, Payara Services was honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade. This is the UK’s most prestigious business award, often called the “Knighthood for Businesses”.

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Payara CEO Steve Millidge Interviewed in Technology Reseller

Payara was the subject of a business profile in Technology Reseller:

Tell us about Payara Services in just a few sentences.

Payara is a born-global, micro multinational software company headquartered in the UK, with offices in Portugal. We are an organisation with a ‘remote first’ hiring approach, meaning we have customers and team members across the world. Our open source software tools are used to build transactional cloud-native web applications, making us a recognised leader in the creation of innovative infrastructure software for today and tomorrow and allowing us to gain a community of users and contributors that span the globe.

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