Customer Case Studies

“Payara is the de-facto middleware at Rakuten Card. We’ve found it wonderful to use, even for new hires – with Payara leveraging developers’ existing skill sets so no retraining is required.” Arshal Ameen, Senior Architect at Rakuten Card

“Using Payara Enterprise support enables us to get our APIs more stable and we feel more confident in the service we provide to our customers,” said Stefan Ajderev, IT Infrastructure and Security Manager at DPD.

Payara provided BMW Group with a smooth migration path from GlassFish to Payara Server and Java EE 7 and is now providing ongoing support services to ensure stability of BMW Group’s mission critical environment.

While Hyperwallet had taught themselves to install and use Payara Server to host their global application successfully, Payara Engineer’s configuration review found about 25% of the items checked should be fixed and improved.

Origin Integrated studios

In this customer testimonial we interviewed Kenneth Kee, CEO of Origin Integrated Studios, currently managing one of the most rapidly growing digital health transformation solution provider companies in Malaysia.

In this customer testimonial we interviewed Sandro Manhart, Senior Systems Engineer at Hrvatska Pošta.
Croatian Post chose Payara Server for reliable, secure and supported platform with easy and natural migration route from GlassFish.

CDL logo

In this customer testimonial we interviewed: Robert Trueman, Head of Software Engineering at Cheshire Datasystems Ltd. He discusses how and why Cheshire Datasystems decided to invest in Payara Enterprise.

mcfarland Johnson

In this customer testimonial we interviewed: Anthony J. Shuba, Technology Solutions Manager at McFarland Johnson. He discusses how and why McFarland Johnson decided to invest in Payara Enterprise.

Instead of scaling to two very large, expensive instances, FlexiSAF uses the Payara Server Data Grid which provides a greater number of instances that are smaller in size, helping FlexiSAF reduce expenses.

After becoming a Payara Enterprise customer, Zellis had access to support provided directly from Payara Engineers for faster resolution times of issues. Zellis experiences same-day-responses to their support requests, often within 1-2 hours.

Appriss has been able to successfully migrate all applications that were on GlassFish 3 to Payara Server Enterprise. This was a key objective and a critical component in a data center migration project.

As long-term GlassFish users, iTAC appreciated the similarities between Payara Server and GlassFish, making the migration process straightforward. iTAC was very satisfied with Payara Engineers’ high-level of Java EE expertise.

Hermes group logo

Due to migrating to Payara Server and moving their operations into the German T-Systems pen Telecom Cloud, Hermes reports a 30% increase in performance speed, fewer problems overall, and a significant reduction of operating costs.

Overall the migration from GlassFish 3 over to Payara Platform 5 was a straightforward process. There was no need for major code rewrites. Setar invested in the Migration & Project Support for help during the migration process and Payara’s engineering team was clearly knowledgeable when answering the support tickets.

I’m enjoying the fact that all my knowledge about GlassFish can now be applied to the usage of Payara Platform. There is no need to put time aside to learn about a different technology, our team can start working with Payara Platform hands on straight away.

Enrick Lopez, Lead Developer

Payara Platform is super stable and patches to issues are delivered faster than we notice them! For me, as developer, it is important to have access to a Nexus server where I can automatically download the latest releases.

Our next big challenge will be the migration to Payara Platform 5.x. With support in place we will be able to contact the Payara engineers directly in case of any migration questions.

Martin Gysel, DevOps Engineer

Knowledgeable support team, the support service meets our expectations and the Payara Platform works well. We are happy to have opted for the Payara Platform.

Per-Axel Felth, Head of Software Engineering

As Payara Server is currently being run on a financial platform, the Support Service offers us peace of mind. We know that a Support Engineer will be available in case of any problems. We also find the monthly patches useful.

Lea Atkins, Head of Technology Development

I’m very satisfied with the speediness and quality of replies from the Payara Support Team. The quality of support combined with good application server performance gave us the confidence to expand our Payara Server usage in the future.

Jan Nilsson, IT Architect

In terms of support costs Payara is 60% cheaper than JBoss. Our engineers are extremely satisfied with Payara Platform’s performance. They started using Payara Platform in a small scale and as things worked quickly well they have increased their Payara usage exponentially.

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