Automotive & Manufacturing

Custom Applications and Third Party Integrations

The manufacturing industry has unique technology needs for warehouse management, accounting and financial management of their operations, production orders and inventory tracking across multiple locations, and integration with logistics companies. Many manufacturing companies require custom applications to maintain their products, orders, and billing rather than general-purpose ERP Systems, and Payara Platform delivers the backbone in which they can integrate with various third party systems as needed.

Location and Driver Assignments with Telematics

For taxi services and companies providing rides to consumers such as Uber and Lyft, telematics are used to send vehicle location information of all the vehicles in the network back to the application server. The vehicle located the closest to the person in need of a driver is then dispatched to the pick up location. Application servers can then calculate fees and connect to the payment processing system to accept payment for the ride.

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Scalability, Availability, and Integration with Warehousing and Payment Providers

Ecommerce businesses need eCommerce portals that grow alongside their business and adapt to the changing needs of internet shoppers. A portal offering integration with third-party products, credit card processing, and large storage of shopping carts requires an application server with database integrations and a secured, clustered environment. Payara Server offers the system architecture necessary to handle eCommerce websites:

  • Payara Data Grid to handle storage of shopping carts
  • Payara Data Grid to hold product catalogue data and availability in-memory enabling rapid creation of dynamic and compelling customer catalogues
  • Ability to push promotions to users with Websockets and standard push technologies
  • Integration with external systems using standards-based technologies such as REST, WebServices, and message queues to integrate with warehousing and payment providers
  • Dynamically scale to meet current and future needs with elastic scaling to support sales and promotions
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Education & Research

Database and User Account Management

Education and research institutions rely on software and databases to collect, manage, and retrieve information. Often, this information is confidential and must be secured from all unauthorized access.

Software used by educational institutions require back-end functionality, such as general student account management and integration with other services, and the ability to process electronic payments for tuition.  In the research capacity, Payara Platform works in the background of large database systems to receive and handle data entered by researchers and securely exchange large amounts of data among research facilities and government organizations for analysis.

Organizations in both the education and research sector rely on the stability and security of Payara Platform Enterprise for these services.

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Applications & Data Usage

E-Gaming applications need more than the flashy front-end for the end user. You also need more back-end oriented functionality, such as general account management and integration with other services. One of these external services required of e-gaming applications is the ability to process electronic payments and management of the User Wallet. E-gaming providers rely on the Payara Platform for these services due to the platform’s strong security-oriented focus and fast release cycle so it is able to quickly react to any security related issue.

Sharing data, one of the other strong points of the Payara Platform with the Data Grid Feature, is also a valuable asset for an E-Gaming Platform. It becomes easy to share information between applications or even share data between the players in a Multi Player game where it is rendered by interactive technology using HTML 5 or better.

Promotion Events and Casino Tickers

Receiving market data for online gambling is an additional use-case for the Payara Platform. You could gather odds for all games in progress around the world along with various data feeds using the embedded DataGrid. It could allow analysts or processes to change odds on games in real time, as they occur.

The Payara Platform can be used to send push promotion events to the end users. Utilizing the standards-based WebSockets and Server-Sent Events, where the events are stored by the Payara Data Grid, pushing them to user browsers in real time. These events can be pushed in response to external events which can be received via JMS or Kafka Queues, for example. But also, casino staff can trigger events to qualified users through WebSockets, which causes the events to appear right in their browser.


Monitor SCADA Events

Companies operating within the energy sector to produce energy rely on advanced supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, a control system architecture involving computers, networked data communications, graphical user interfaces, and peripheral devices to interface with process plant or machinery. Payara Platform is used to monitor SCADA events and run their application to manage the maintenance and intervention tasks.

Manage Customer Portals and Invoices

Payara Platform is also used by retail companies within the energy sector to power their customer portals, gather information from customer energy meter devices, and generate the invoices.

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Batch System to Execute Long-Running Operations

Financial Services companies require scalable, fault-tolerant batch processing solutions. The Payara Platform provides a solution for executing long running operations (batches) as well as auto-scaling additional instances when needed, with continued operation in the event of failure to keep critical systems operational when faced with errors in input, code bugs, hardware failures, or human error.

Using Payara Server cluster for the main application to schedule batch operations and a much bigger cluster of Payara Micro instances allow for execution of individual batch jobs in isolation. Isolation ensures a failure of one batch will not cause a failure in all subsequent batches. Execution of batch operations can automatically scale by starting additional Payara Micro instances on the fly as executable JARs. Payara Server uses EJB timers to schedule batch operations and then forwards the instructions to a pool of Payara Micro instances. These use JBatch Java EE technology to process one batch job at a time to isolate it from other jobs and report the results to the main application. Using Java EE technologies in Payara Platform along with the flexibility of Payara Micro deployment allows financial services companies to build a robust, fault-tolerant and scalable batch solution.

Availability and Scalability for Customer-Facing Transactional Applications

Customers seek financial solutions with the convenience of online account management systems that are always available. Payara Server’s clustering technology provides high-availability and scalability for customer-facing transaction applications, providing a billing portal for customers to view credit card transactions and manage their accounts, while the Payara Platform integration with databases combined with an in-memory data grid (Hazelcast®) for temporary storage of a user’s account details provide a robust data retrieval solution and high-performance account visualization and processing. Financial Services rely on the Payara Platform to provide customer-facing transactional applications that can also easily integrate with other systems thanks to support for modern integration protocols like REST and Message queues.

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Reduce Overhead Costs and Increase Consumer Convenience 

Department of Motor Vehicles rely on web-enabled systems deployed to Payara Platform application servers to calculate vehicle registration fees, accept payment from consumers registering their vehicles, and issue new vehicle registration documents. Enabling an online system for vehicle registration eliminates consumers waiting in line at the DMV to register a vehicle, saving time for both the government office staff and consumer. Likewise, similar digital systems in place by other government agencies relying on the Payara Platform for car license renewals, passports, payment of taxes, and building permits can drastically reduce unnecessary office staff time while providing reliable, secure digital services to consumers.

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Patient information databases and billing systems are complex and must have the capacity to securely exchange large amounts of patient data between health care facilities, billing systems, health insurance or HMO administrations. The Payara Platform works in the background, receiving and handling patient data entered by healthcare providers, distributing the data to appropriate upper level servers and across sites for synchronization and clearance purposes, and enable access to patient care information and reports to authorized health care providers.

High Availability for Life-Saving Medicine

The availability of data can be a life saving factor for a health care facility such as hospitals and urgent care centers. With the clustering options available in Payara Server and Payara Micro, data and information for blood sample analysis or other patient medical data is available at all times for the treating physician to make quick and accurate decisions based on the patients’ health care needs. Having access to patient records is also necessary for home health care visits. When nurses visit patient homes, they  need reliable access to the correct patient information, what medication and treatments the patient should receive, and any information regarding allergies or warnings.

Patient Data Confidentiality and Security
Confidentiality and security is a major concern for health care business considering the fact all patient medical data must be kept confidential and meet strict security requirements. The Payara Platform has a wide range of modern authentication methods available like OAuth2 and MicroProfile JWT to ensure confidential records remain confidential and to ensure your hospital, medical practice, or other health care facility meets security regulations.

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Human Resources & Recruitment

Collect, Store, and Retrieve Confidential Information

Human resources departments rely on technology to attract, hire, retain, and maintain talent.  Both payroll and human resources teams require the ability to securely gather and store confidential information as well as communicate with employees efficiently. Payroll and HR technology providers create tools that automate many of the functions human resources/payroll teams to reduce administrative work and allow managers to focus their time and energy on managing employees instead of the paperwork of each employee. Payroll and HR technology can also gather and provide managers with information that enable more informed decision making.

When organizations cannot access their HR and Payroll systems, their ability to perform their primary business functions is affected. Payara Platform Enterprise is used to deliver Payroll and HR software to organizations with 24/7 availability, ensuring HR and Payroll administrators have around-the-clock access to their database of employee information.

IT Consultant Assignment and Projects

For IT consultants, Payara Platform is often found behind the applications used to keep track of the IT Consultant’s customer’s projects, skills, availability, and resume to optimize and maximize the consultants proposal and project time.

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IT Services

Deploy Critical Applications

Software companies rely on Payara Platform Enterprise to deploy critical customer-facing web applications, collect and manage data, and generate notifications and alerts. Organizations running their applications in high volume production environments must often meet compliance requirements for availability, robustness, and performance, all of which are ensured through the fully supported Payara Enterprise.

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Insurers, insurance brokers, insurance aggregators or systems suppliers use the Payara Platform. The Payara Platform hosts and serves customers with their insurance quotes and the site for securely buying insurance online and can handle communications between aggregators and insurance brokers/insurers with high availability, security, and clustering. Payara is also used to serve in-house systems for call centre agents, pricing systems, customer documents portals, customer communication systems, or many other smaller in-house ancillary systems.

Calculation of Insurance Premiums From Customer Driving Records

Payara Micro is useful in combination with telematics systems to collect, manage, and translate data to calculate insurance premiums based on customer driving records. “Black boxes” installed in customer cars collect information about the driving habits of insurance customers which is then fed back to the pricing department to automatically calculate insurance premiums according to the company’s pricing algorithms.

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Logistics, Travel & Aviation

Logistics companies provide a comprehensive suite of supply-chain solutions designed to help businesses run at optimum efficiency and profitability, often providing delivery services for manufacturers. From manufacture to delivery,  logistics services seamlessly link businesses to their customers.

High Value Cargo Tracking with Telematics

Reliable tracking and reporting systems are required when high value cargo is transported. Through the use of automotive telematics in delivery vehicles, data can be sent to a control center over MQTT to a broker on the server side.  Payara Micro uses MQTT Cloud connectors to receive the data from many vehicles in order to reveal the delivery vehicles location on a real time map, provide statistics and alerting services, and calculate the most optimal route a carrier should take. For example, if vehicles deviated from a pre-determined route or made unplanned stops, alerts are raised for further investigation to ensure the safe transportation of valuable cargo.

Integrate with Customer APIs for Managing and Routing Deliveries

Parcel delivery companies require innovative cargo tracking systems to sort large volumes of parcels, schedule deliveries, and provide customers with real-time online tracking and tracing solutions to locate their packages en-route. As a B2B industry, parcel delivery companies must integrate their own APIs with hundreds or thousands of their business customers’ critical applications to offer high availability and stability. Due to high volume handling of parcels, filtering, searching and reporting functions must work quickly and reliably giving operators, dispatchers, and expediters access from multiple locations access to new and old orders simultaneously.

Payara Server offers logistics companies a reliable app server for processing, managing and routing and Payara Micro provides capabilities for field devices to scan parcel labels and retrieve or send information to and from the logistic’s company centralised hub for further processing and updating of tracking and tracing information.

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Availability and Scalability for Customer Online Account Management

Customers seek telecommunications solutions with the convenience of online account management systems that are always available. Payara Server’s clustering technology provides high-availability and scalability for customer-facing transaction applications, providing a billing portal for customers to view and pay bills and manage their accounts, while the Payara Platform integration with databases combined with an in-memory data grid (Hazelcast®) for temporary storage of a user’s account details provide a robust data retrieval solution and high-performance account visualization. Telecom companies rely on the Payara Platform to provide customer-facing transactional applications that can also easily integrate with other systems thanks to support for modern integration protocols like REST and Message queues.

High-Speed Event Storage and Retrieval

Payara’s integrated data grid can act as a high performance and highly scalable billing event store. Retrieving data from many different feeds billing events can be stored in-memory in a highly available data grid and slowly written to an underlying database. Using Payara’s data grid technology writes can be captured at a much higher speed than for a traditional database technologies.

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