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Payara Platform Community Edition

Release Notes are available from our Documentation page.
The Community Release includes 1 new feature, 5 bug fixes, 1 improvement,  and 2 component upgrades, along with a community contribution from AngelTG2 for improving loading time for REST applications when there are many password aliases.

In addition to the bug fixes, component upgrades, and community contribution improvement, the Payara Community 5.2021.4  release also introduces a new AutoScale feature in Payara Server to achieve dynamic scalability of instances based on application usage.

As well as:

  • Logging Fixes
  • Payara Kubernetes Operator (Proof of Concept)

(Published 2th of June 2021)

Payara Server 5.2021.4

Payara Server 5.2021.4 (Full)


Payara-Web 5.2021.4 (Web Profile)


Payara Micro 5.2021.4

Payara Micro 5.2021.4 (JAR)


Payara Server 5.2021.4 Embedded

Payara-Embedded-All 5.2021.4 (Full Platform Implementation)


Payara-Embedded-Web 5.2021.4 (Web Profile Implementation)


Payara Server 5.2021.4 Multi-Language

Payara-ML 5.2021.4 (Multi-Language Full)


Payara-Web-ML 5.2021.4 (Multi-Language Web Profile)


Payara Docker Images

Payara Server & Payara Micro Docker images from the Docker Hub

Payara Server & Micro Docker Images

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