Payara Platform Community Edition

Release Notes are available from our Documentation page.

Payara Platform Community 5.2022.2 brings 13 bug fixes, 2 component upgrades, 3 improvements and 3 security fixes, whilst Payara Platform Enterprise 5.38.0 includes 2 bug fixes, 1 improvement and 4 security fixes. 

It includes the fix for “Spring4Shell”, and improved support for Jakarta EE 9, as you can now run Jakarta EE 9 applications using PrimeFaces.

This release also gives Payara users the ability to use gRPC, the Google Remote Procedure Call Framework.

Please note: This is the penultimate Payara 5 Community release. Payara 6 Community will soon take its place, to be used with Jakarta EE 10. If you want to keep using earlier Java EE/Jakarta EE versions – we encourage you to move to Payara 5 Enterprise.

(Published 21st of April 2022)

Payara Server 5.2022.2

Payara Server 5.2022.2 (Full)


Payara-Web 5.2022.2 (Web Profile)


Payara Micro 5.2022.2

Payara Micro 5.2022.2 (JAR)


Payara Server 5.2022.2 Embedded

Payara-Embedded-All 5.2022.2 (Full Platform Implementation)


Payara-Embedded-Web 5.2022.2 (Web Profile Implementation)


Payara Server 5.2022.2 Multi-Language

Payara-ML 5.2022.2 (Multi-Language Full)


Payara-Web-ML 5.2022.2 (Multi-Language Web Profile)


Payara Server 6 Community Alpha 3

Payara Server Community 6.2022.1 Alpha 3


Payara Docker Images

Payara Server & Payara Micro Docker images from the Docker Hub

Payara Server & Micro Docker Images

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