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Payara at a Glance

Customer Retention Rate

99% of our customers choose to stay with us. Compare this to an average customer retention rate of 77% in the IT & Software Industry!

Monthly Payara Users

Developers love deploying large-scale Java applications with Payara Server. See our developer testimonials.

Countries We Live In

We serve a diverse range of clients and cater to their needs irrespective of their geographical location.

Funded by Subscriptions

Global organisations can rely on Payara as profitable, led by organic growth – we’re here to stay!

About Us

Why Choose Payara Enterprise Over the Competition?

  • Benefit from our expertise and influence in Jakarta EE and MicroProfile, as Strategic Members of their Working Groups at the Eclipse Foundation
  • Break free from a product suite, as we focus on application servers only and offer aggressive compatibility with your technologies of choice
  • Secure more affordable pricing options and flexible ways to pay – we don’t charge in core blocks
  • Take advantage of better support, direct from engineers – the developers who answer the questions develop the product

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Why Payara Enterprise, Not Payara Community?

  • Choose when you decide to move from one Payara release or Java/Jakarta EE version to the next, with our 10-year software lifecycle
  • Get support that frees up your engineers’ time to code business logic, with our engineers able to concentrate on server issues
  • Raise unlimited tickets for bugs, incidents and general questions about configuration, deployment, security, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Our engineers will provide you with Hot Fixes and Backported Fixes, ensuring ultimate security on request
  • Benefit from Payara’s partnership with Azul, providing you with access to Azul Platform Core, its Supported Build of OpenJDK
  • Available exclusively to Payara Enterprise customers, Payara Accelerator is a suite of consultancy services designed to optimize your Payara Enterprise deployment, migration, through customized infrastructure improvements and solutions.

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See How Payara Beats Its Competitors

We have created a range of infographics and comparison tables to help enable you to compare the features and benefits of Payara Server and Payara Micro against our competitors.

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Open Source Mindset

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Payara Community and Payara Enterprise are both based on open source code, and shaped by our involvement in the open source initiatives of the Eclipse Foundation. By embracing open source principles, Payara fosters collaboration, transparency, and community engagement.

Contribute Code

Payara Starter

Payara Starter is a source code generator to create new Payara Server or Payara Micro projects. It allows you to quickly and easily start with Payara Platform!

Take advantage of customisation options: select your chosen JDK versions, Jakarta EE profiles, build tools, Docker support, and more. Payara Starter will also streamline your project by integrating with popular IDEs.

Simply select your options, and click ‘Generate’ – and Payara Platform is ready to use.

Payara Starter

Testimonials From Experts

“GlassFish v3 became the killer application server in 2009, then Oracle dropped the commercial support.

I was skeptical as Payara was announced at JavaOne 2014 conference in San Francisco and I was proved wrong. Since two years an endless stream of commit messages, pull requests and comments dominates my GitHub timeline.

The Payara Server is surrounded by vibrant community, nice engineers and capable support.

Particularly non-functional features important for devops, Continuous Deployment and “microservices” like convenient command line, extensive RESTful monitoring (used in LightFish), or nice admin web interface are important for enterprise projects.”

Adam Bien, JavaONE Rockstar, Consultant, Java Champion

“Payara is a great and solid product with a warm and friendly team.

The laser sharp focus on specifically their application server and the community around it is very special, Payara is an active contributor to not only their own technologies but also the ecosystem and tangentially related open source projects.

I’m involved in the Apache NetBeans community and it is important that a development environment integrates well with tools such as application servers. The Payara team over many years has been solid in providing that integration for the Payara application server, have been involved in related community events, and are always open for discussions and help as and when needed, as well as being responsive to any issues encountered.”

Geertjan Wielenga, Senior Director of Open Source Projects

“Since Oracle dropped support for GlassFish, I’ve been looking for a replacement. I still think GlassFish architecture is the best on the market today, but due to lack of resources from Oracle, it became stale, and bugs weren’t fixed.

Then, I found Payara. I was initially afraid that Payara Server wasn’t going to track GlassFish progress, but since that progress is so few and far between, this fear quickly dissipated.

I started using Payara Server and haven’t looked back. The killer feature has really been Hazelcast integration. This has finally enabled me to achieve zero-downtime deployment and upgrades.”

Lenny Primak, Experienced Java Developer

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Modernizing Jakarta EE



Migrate your existing Jakarta EE applications into the cloud with the Payara Platform, rapidly and easily, or build new, cloud-native applications on public cloud.




Support for containers out-of-the-box and official Docker Images so you can reduce your infrastructure and maintenance costs of your existing applications.




Deploy Kubernetes and other services quickly and easily. The Payara Platform is compatible with the services you’re already using and cloud-native.




Integrate your applications with Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The Payara Platform makes an ideal edge server with support for MQTT.


Jakarta EE

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Shape the future of the industry as a Payara customer through our direct contributions to the Jakarta EE working group and as Eclipse Foundation Strategic Members.

Jakarta EE


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Modernize infrastructure and build microservices applications on cloud with your existing development team’s Jakarta EE programming skills.



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Learning Kubernetes Taking Too Long – Automatically Deploy Jakarta EE Apps in the Cloud

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Case Study

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BMW GROUP – Luxury German Vehicle Manufacturer Migrates from GlassFish to Payara Server

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Virtual Payara Conference – Securing Your Java Ecosystem, 26-27 June 2024

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