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The Payara Community is a vibrant, collaborative community dedicated to Jakarta EE (Java EE) developers and the ecosystem.  Get involved here:

Payara Platform Community Edition Downloads

Create. Innovate. Elevate.

The goals of the Payara Platform Community Edition are to follow the open-source mantra of “release early, release often” – getting the latest innovations of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile into the hands of developers as fast as possible.

The Payara Server and Payara Micro Community Editions offer open source server runtimes for development projects and containerized Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications. Consider it a developer’s playground for trying new features. Payara Community is where innovation happens.

Download Payara Platform Community Edition

Community Engagement

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You can find us all over the internet! But we are most active on these channels below:

Global Virtual MeetUps

We organise regular virtual meet ups that include Release Overview webinars, Roadmap updates, Discussion Panels with other organisations, Presentations and Community Discussions.

Payara MeetUp


Reef is our program for engaging and supporting the growing Payara community. We offer many types of support, including sponsorship, articles, swag and speaking opportunities; and are open to discussing how we can work together.


Payara Platform for Beginners

Getting Started, Docs, Guides and Technical Help

Find help getting started with Payara Server and Payara Micro and get answers to technical questions.

Get Started with Payara Server

Step-by-step guidance through installing, writing, and deploying an application to Payara Server even if you’ve never used the application server before.

Get Started with Payara Server

Get Started with Payara Micro

Create and deploy a ‘hello world’ application with Payara Micro.

Get Started with Payara Micro


Modernize Jakarta EE with the Payara Platform.

Payara Platform Solutions

Product Documentation

Documentation for the Payara Platform Community Edition, targeted for developers looking to play with the latest features and APIs during development before potentially moving to Payara Enterprise in production.


Payara Forum

Product-related discussion group for Payara Server and Payara Micro.

Payara Forum


Payara Platform StackOverflow with questions and answers for anyone who codes.

Payara StackOverflow

Payara Platform Community Github

Submit Bugs and Contribute Code

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As with many open source projects, the Payara Platform is hosted on GitHub, allowing anyone to contribute code and help with its development.

We are open to your great ideas and constructive feedback, we maintain a regularly updated open roadmap on GitHub.

If you find a bug, raise it on GitHub Issues. Or if you Fork It and Fix It, we’ll pull it. Sign the contributor agreement and we will even send you some free awesome merch.

You may also be interested in our Jenkins CI server here 

GitHubPayara Open Roadmap

The Payara Foundation

Protect the Future of the Payara Platform

Payara Foundation is the home for Payara Server’s and Payara Micro’s code and documentation.

Payara Foundation is a not-for-profit with the mission to ensure the continued development and maintenance of Payara Server as open source software for the benefit of its community of users.

Payara Foundation relies on the Payara Community for contributions to the Payara Server source code and documentation. Find out more how you can help the Payara Foundation from the website.

Payara Foundation

Payara Enterprise

Payara Enterprise

Payara Enterprise is designed for mission critical production systems and containerized Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications. Payara Enterprise delivers a stable, supported platform with a focus on operational requirements, high performance, high availability, operational visibility, manageability, easily upgradable, and security.

Click here to see a visual comparison between Payara Community and Payara Enterprise Editions.

Community Testimonials

“Many companies use open source and we love using open source. But having that commercial support with Payara who owned the code base really takes open source to the next level.

For a company that can’t dedicate resources to learning one particular product, the vendor can really provide you with knowledge that can help you out. We need certainty in our platform. Our customers demand and expect that. Payara was able to provide that. They own the code. They know the code.”

– Neil Openshaw

“Since Oracle dropped support for GlassFish, I’ve been looking for a replacement. I still think GlassFish architecture is the best on the market today, but due to lack of resources from Oracle, it became stale, and bugs weren’t fixed.

Then, I found Payara.  I was initially afraid that Payara Server wasn’t going to track GlassFish progress, but since that progress is so few and far between, this fear quickly dissipated.

I started using Payara Server and haven’t looked back. The killer feature has really been Hazelcast integration. This has finally enabled me to achieve zero-downtime deployment and upgrades.”

– Lenny Primak

“GlassFish v3 became the killer application server in 2009, then Oracle dropped the commercial support.

I was skeptical as Payara was announced at JavaOne 2014 conference in San Francisco and I was proved wrong. Since two years an endless stream of commit messages, pull requests and comments dominates my GitHub timeline.

The Payara Server is surrounded by vibrant community, nice engineers and capable support.

Particularly non-functional features important for devops, Continuous Deployment and “microservices” like convenient command line, extensive RESTful monitoring (used in LightFish), or nice admin web interface are important for enterprise projects.”

– Adam Bien

“Payara Server was an obvious choice when support for GlassFish ended. All my favorite reference implementations are inside and the soul of GlassFish seems to be more alive than ever, but now it is known as Payara Server.”
– Pavel Pscheidl

“I’m using Payara Server as my favorite choice in my books, articles, blogs and so on. Now, I’m using Payara Server in a Spring Boot e-commerce application that is currently under development. The application will run as a WAR under Payara Server.”

– Anghel Leonard

“Payara Server is a perfect drop in replacement for GlassFish. What was most significant about replacing GlassFish for Payara Server was that remote testing went from 90 – 100 seconds down to 10 – 15 seconds.  There was no need to look at any other servers. I had Payara Server deployed in my labs at Dawson and Concordia. My students no longer dread testing with its long waits.”

– Ken Fogel

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