Jakarta EE and the Payara Platform

Shaping the future of the industry through our direct contributions to the Jakarta EE working group, as Eclipse Foundation Solutions Members, and as members of the Project Management Committee. Payara Server 5 is Jakarta EE 8 Compatible.

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  • Payara Platform 201 Release - More Updates to Monitoring Console 11 Feb 2020

    In Payara Platform 5.194 we introduced the monitoring console. The upcoming 5.201 release now offers numerous improvements and additions. We continued to followed our vision of a monitoring tool that users can configure to their needs, ranging from new tools such as watches and alerts, to new colour themes and settings users can tweak to match their individual preferences.

  • MicroProfile and Jakarta EE Technical Alignment 06 Feb 2020

    The transition of Java EE to the Eclipse Foundation is now complete with the release of the Jakarta EE 8 Platform Specification and the compatible implementations, including Payara Server. The release plan for Jakarta EE 9 is also approved, and will move all the Java EE APIs to the jakarta namespace - providing a future platform for Jakarta EE 10 and beyond.

  • Jakarta EE 9 Release Plan Approved 27 Jan 2020

    The approval of the Jakarta EE 9 Release Plan is a great milestone for the Jakarta EE project and a stepping stone towards the evolution of Jakarta EE into a project that meets the community's needs and wants. View the approved Jakarta EE 9 Release Plan here.

  • Back to Basics - Installing Payara Server 5 on Ubuntu 22 Jan 2020

    This is Part 1 of our 'Payara Server- Back to Basics' series, where we will show you a step-by-step overview of how to install Payara Server 5 on Ubuntu. 

  • Payara Platform 2019 Community Survey Results 13 Jan 2020

    We're proud to announce that our 2019 Community Survey results are now available! We conducted a survey between September and November 2019 to determine how organizations are using the Payara Platform and what ecosystem components are most commonly used with the platform. Thank you for contributing and helping us gain insight into which features and enhancements the community would most like to see in future releases of the Payara Platform.

  • Payara Platform監視コンソール 08 Jan 2020

    嬉しいお知らせです。Payara Platform 5.194から、Payara Serverにはサーバーの状態を可視化できる組み込みの監視コンソールが搭載されます。

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