Considering a Migration to the Payara Platform?

We’ve got you covered with our migration guide to help you during the planning phase, full lifecycle support for assistance during the actual migration from GlassFish, WebLogic, WildFly, JBoss, TomEE, or Tomcat, and our included production support for ongoing assistance once you’ve implemented your migration to  Payara Enterprise.

Migration Planning

Before diving in head first and starting the migration process, you (and the decision makers at your organization) may need more information about the Payara Platform, such as:

Why Migrate to the Payara Platform

Why Migrate to the Payara Platform

In this user guide:

  • Advantages of open source software over proprietary 
  • Cost advantages of the Payara Platform
  • Embrace modern application architectures (Cloud Native, Containerized, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile)  

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Why Run Java EE Applications in the Cloud with the Payara Platform?

Why Run Java EE Apps in the Cloud with Payara Platform

In this datasheet:

  • Reduce expenses while moving Java EE applications to the cloud
  • Modernize infrastructure and improve agility
  • Save time moving to the cloud using your developer’s existing skillset

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How Payara Platform Fits into Your Cloud Strategy

How Payara Platform Fits into your Cloud Strategy

In this datasheet:

  • Cloud Integrations Reduce Expenses
  • Integration with Your Cloud Platform’s Infrastructure as a Service
  • Integration with Containers and Microservices
  • Integration with Kubernetes

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How We Help With Your Migration to Payara Platform Enterprise

Once you’ve made the decision to migrate, we offer different levels of support to meet your needs and guide you through the process quickly and efficiently.  

Payara Enterprise Migration & Project Support Option

Migration and Project Support Cover

In this datasheet:

  • Features and Benefits
  • Client Experiences
  • Resources Signposting
  • Server Requirements
  • Supported JVMs & Operating Systems
  • Support levels included with Payara Server Enterprise

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Migration & Project Support Video

See how we help you with your migration project with the included Migration and Project Support option of Payara Enterprise.

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Payara Accelerator Migration Services

Payara Accelerator Migration services

In this datasheet:

  • Features & benefits of Payara Accelerator migration consulting services
  • Migrations Assessment & Review
  • Proof of Concept
  • Customized Migration Roadmap

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Request Payara EnterpriseLearn More about Payara Platform

Migration Guides and Resources

Choose your current application server from our resources to view migration guides and resources designed to help you migrate from GlassFish, WebLogic, WildFly, JBoss, TomEE, Spring Boot, or Tomcat to the Payara Platform:

GlassFish to Payara Server Migration


WebLogic to Payara Server Migration


JBoss EAP to Payara Server Migration


WildFly to Payara Server Migration


Tomcat to Payara Server Migration


TomEE to Payara Server Migration


Spring Boot to Payara Micro Enterprise

Spring Boot

After Your Migration

Payara Platform Enterprise: Software. Security. Stability. Support

After your migration is complete, we’re still here for you. Payara Enterprise is fully supported, stable, and production-ready. You’ll receive support directly from our Engineers when you need it. Your environment remains secure and stable, thanks to our monthly releases, bug fixes, security alerts, and patches. You’ll enjoy our 10-year software lifecycle, so there’s no need to upgrade a year or two after you complete your migration.

Choice of Support Included

Payara Enterprise

Payara Enterprise offers a choice of 10×5 business hours support or 24×7 mission-critical support, including:

  • security patches to meet data compliance requirements
  • unlimited tickets
  • onboarding support
  • access to a private customer knowledge base
  • live and phone support
  • 10-year software lifecycle
  • Hot fixes
  • OpenJDK  Support

Payara Enterprise

Optional Consultancy Services

Payara Enterprise customers have access to Payara Accelerator – our consultancy services. If you experience problems in your production environment, Payara Accelerator offers on-site and remote consultancy services:

  • Application Server Upgrades
  • Health Checks
  • Configuration Reviews
  • Monitoring
  • Performance Tuning
  • Troubleshooting

Payara Accelerator

Contact UsPayara Platform Resources

We migrated the backend of the product we built for our client from WebLogic to Payara Server with great success. Payara Server has a much more modern feature-set and feel, gets you up and running quicker and we saved a lot of time configuring the server compared to WebLogic. Several things that were a big hassle to configure with WebLogic worked out of the box with Payara Server, Bean Validation being a prime example of this. We are now looking to the future and planning a move towards a more microservices oriented architecture with Payara Micro in mind. I would recommend both Payara Server and Payara Micro to anybody who values consistency, stability and productivity for their application development and deployment.

Daniel Löfquist, HiQ

“In terms of support costs Payara is 60% cheaper than JBoss. And as it is Open Source there are no licensing fees! Our engineers are extremely satisfied with Payara’s performance. They started using Payara in a small scale and as things worked quickly well they have increased their Payara usage exponentially.”

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We’ve been working with Payara Server for over a year in full production and so far, the server and support have been really good. Support is very professional and helpful. With Payara Team’s help, we found and resolved most of the issues in application code and server configuration. After looking at GlassFish 4, we considered migration to other Java EE server, until we found Payara Server. Migration from GlassFish 3 to Payara Server was quicker than anticipated. All the knowledge that we gathered from using GlassFish is still usable but now we have a new and more stable server that is regularly updated and patched. Also, new added features are helpful and improve stability and usability of the server. We would recommend Payara Server to anyone who is still on GlassFish, or looking for a new Java EE application server.

Eugen Bozic, MIPS d.o.o.

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