Considering a Migration to the Payara Platform?

We’ve got you covered with our migration guide to help you during the planning phase, full lifecycle support for assistance during the actual migration, and our production support to provide ongoing assistance once you’ve implemented your migration to the Payara Platform.

The Planning Stage

Before diving in head first and starting the migration process, you (and the decision makers at your organization) may need more information about the Payara Platform, such as: 

  • Advantages of open source software over proprietary 
  • Cost advantages of the Payara Platform, including our unlimited option 
  • Embrace modern application architectures (Cloud Native, Containerized, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile) 
  • Production open source software 
  • Influence standards – Customer Advisory Council our seats on spec bodies etc.  

Why Migrate to the Payara Platform Guide

How We Can Help with Your Migration

Once you’ve made the decision to migrate, we offer different levels of support to meet your needs and guide you through the process quickly and efficiently.  

If your internal team will complete the migration, our Migration & Project Support can offer tips for migration best practices and answers to your questions.

Payara Platform Migration Data Sheet

Learn More About the Migrating Process

For more information about migrating from specific application servers to the Payara Platform, download the appropriate migration guide for your situation: 

Additional migration guides coming soon:

  • WildFly to the Payara Platform 
  • Tomcat to the Payara Platform 

GlassFish to Payara Server Download the Migration GuideWebLogic to Payara Server Migration Guide

Get Help With Your Migration

If you’d like our team to assist you with the migration, start with our Migration & Project Support and add Payara Accelerator consulting services. Payara Accelerator can migrate the application on your behalf for a single, fixed project price or can assist with your migration at set points in the lifecycle. Here is how we help you with the complete migration lifecycle, from evaluation to implementation to performance tuning: 

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Migration Assessment

To help you evaluate the possibility of migrating to the Payara Platform, a migration assessment will determine the level of complexity, risk, and effort required. The assessment is split into 3 phases: 

1. Documenting Your Current Architecture 

Our consultants look at your existing technology, components, security, and use cases to gain a comprehensive view of your system.  

2. Creating an Outline Candidate Architecture 

Our team creates an outline candidate architecture to achieve the same functionality as your current architecture on the Payara Platform. 

3. Designing Your Migration Roadmap 

The creation of the migration roadmap details the steps required to move from your current architecture to the new architecture. 

Development Services

The Payara Accelerator team can migrate the application on behalf of the customer as a single fixed price project. 

Accelerator Migration Datasheet

Performance Testing and Tuning

The Payara Accelerator team can provide performance testing and tuning service to ensure the Payara Production infrastructure is optimized and tuned for customer’s specific application workflow. 

Accelerator Migration Datasheet

Monitoring Review and Setup

Using modern SRE principles, we will set up the Payara Platform for monitoring by on-premise software (e.g. Prometheus, ZipKin) and provide introductory-level training on how to make the most of the data (e.g. use high-percentile latency monitoring

Accelerator Monitoring

Production Installation and Configuration

The Payara Accelerator Consultancy service will set up Payara Server with optimum settings when you are ready to move into production.  

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Ongoing Support of Your Payara Platform

When your migration is complete, the Payara Services team continues to provide support services to provide answers to your questions, ensure you’re operating efficiently, and help you upgrade to the latest versions of the Payara Platform.

Payara Server 4 to Payara Server 5 Migration GuideJapanese Language: Payara Server 4 to 5 Migration Guide

Payara Enterprise

Choose from 10×5 business hours support or 24×7 support for mission critical environments. All support customers receive:

  •  security patches to meet data compliance requirements
  • unlimited tickets
  • onboarding support
  • access to a private customer knowledge base
  • live and phone support
  • 10-year softwar lifecycle
  • Hot fixes
  • OpenJDK Support through Payara’s partnership with Azul

Payara Enterprise


If you experience problems in your production environment, Payara Accelerator offers on-site consultancy services. During our troubleshooting engagements, our team actively work with you to implement a solution that overcomes your business-critical challenges, provides stability and optimizes performance.  

Accelerator Troubleshooting

Upgrade Assistance

When you’re ready to upgrade an older version of the Payara Platform to the most recent release, Payara Accelerator offers expert guidance and assessment to ensure your project is delivered successfully and on time. Engaging with our upgrade consultancy service gives you comprehensive assistance from the beginning stages of your upgrade through to implementation. Using Payara Accelerator to upgrade will save you both time and money, whether we help you from the initial planning of your upgrade or step in and assist you if you’ve already started your upgrade but have found yourself stuck at some point in the process. 

Accelerator Upgrade Assistance

“In terms of support costs Payara is 60% cheaper than JBoss. And as it is Open Source there are no licensing fees! Our engineers are extremely satisfied with Payara’s performance. They started using Payara in a small scale and as things worked quickly well they have increased their Payara usage exponentially.”

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