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Payara Platform Enterprise vs. Payara Platform Community

Payara Platform Enterprise

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Software. Security. Stability. Support.

Choose Payara Enterprise if you’re migrating mission critical apps from another application server or you’re planning to run Payara Platform in production.

Payara Server Enterprise – the best application platform for production Jakarta EE apps.

Payara Micro Enterprise – the platform of choice for containerized Jakarta EE and microservices deployments.

Payara Enterprise

Payara Platform Community

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Create. Innovate. Elevate.

Choose Payara Platform Community for development projects, or when innovation is higher priority than security and stability.

Payara Server Community – cloud-native, innovative middleware platform for development projects that supports Jakarta EE applications in any environment: on premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Payara Micro Community: lightweight middleware platform of choice for containerized Jakarta EE and microservices deployments in development.

Payara Platform Community

Enterprise vs. Community Support

Included Enterprise Support Benefits

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  • Choice of 24×7, 10×5, or Migration & Project Support provided by Engineers
  • Payara Enterprise Customer Support Portal
  • Private customer knowledge base
  • OpenJDK support
  • Upgrade tooling (Watch demo)
  • Access to optional Payara Accelerator Consultancy services
  • Payara Enterprise Docker Images
  • Access Payara-supported software like connectors and IDE plugins

Payara Enterprise

Community-based Support

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  • Get assistance on Payara Forum
  • Raise bugs on GitHub
  • Tech Blog
  • User guides & datasheets

Payara Platform Community

Product Suitability

Stable and Secure

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  • 10-Year Software Lifecycle
  • Designed for mission critical, production environments
  • Security alerts, fixes & hot fixes for urgent problems
  • Downported patches
  • Full support for ecosystem components (Maven plugins, Cloud Connectors, IDE connectors, etc)
  • New features added after stability confirmed

Payara Enterprise


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  • Rapid access to new features
  • Software experimentation
  • Suitable for development projects

Payara Platform Community

Release Schedule

Enterprise Releases

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  • Monthly releases
  • 10-Year Software Lifecycle

Payara Enterprise

Community Releases

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  • Regular & frequent releases
  • Fast access to new features

Payara Platform Community

Enterprise vs. Community

Features & Benefits Comparison

FeaturePayara Platform EnterprisePayara Platform Community
SuitabilityProduction and DevelopmentDevelopment
Security alerts and fixesYesBest endeavors fixed in the next release
SupportEngineer-provided 24x7, 10x5, or Migration & Project Support (Unlimited tickets)Community-based support on Payara Forums
Maintained Docker imagesPayara Enterprise Docker ImagesLatest release only
Open sourceYes
with Open Source Assurance
Experimental featuresNew features added after thorough testing for stabilityYes
10-Year Software LifecycleYesNo
Monthly releases, bug fixes, patchesYes
Access to private customer knowledge baseYesNo
Consultancy Services - Payara AcceleratorYesNo
Hot fixes for urgent solutions for your current version of Payara Platform in productionYesNo
Downported patchesYesNo
Azul Platform Core OpenJDK Support and security updates for Java 7, 8, 11, and beyond, and ARM-based JVMsYesNo
Upgrade tooling (Watch demo)YesNo
Full support for ecosystem and Payara integration components (Maven plugins, Cloud Connectors, IDE connectors)YesNo
Assembled?YesSome features of Payara Platform Enterprise are in our open source repositories, but they may need self-assembly if you want to incorporate them into Payara Platform Community.

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