Month: March 2023

Satisfaction Surveys – Payara’s Results Are In!

Happy, motivated staff is the goal for every business – because who doesn’t want a high performing, engaged workforce?!  Working in a globally distributed, fully remote company means that, sometimes, you can’t always see what is working for your people in the moment. That’s why regular satisfaction surveys (eNPS) are so valuable. These surveys give

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Virtual Payara Day Q2/Q3: Finding Our Voices and Our Mascots

Virtual Payara Day is our quarterly virtual conference!  Virtual Payara Day (VPD) is an opportunity for team members to get to know each other in a way that they can’t day-to-day, as well as getting business updates from the CEO and from other functional teams. This quarterly event is a consistent opportunity for updates on

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Java EE / Jakarta EE Learning Resources

Parents of Payara: Senior Marketing Specialist Dominika Tasarz-Sochacka

What’s life like as a parent at Payara? Due to our flexible remote-working policy, there is a lot that is appealing about combining parenthood with Payara. When your commute is non-existent, it’s easier to be there for those precious moments. However, when your work and home life are blended, there are challenges! We are talking

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