Welcome to Payara’s Jakarta EE Community and Media Challenge!

Deadline extended to July 25th!

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Are you passionate about Payara and Jakarta EE development and eager to showcase your expertise?

Join us in Payara’s Jakarta EE Community and Media Challenge – where innovation meets knowledge-sharing in our vibrant community!

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About the Challenge

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Technical content creation is a great way to improve your knowledge of Jakarta EE and share it with the community. Another benefit is the opportunity to build your professional reputation in the Java ecosystem and Jakarta EE Community.

As a bonus, you can earn some cash prizes and cool #badassfish swag too!

The Payara Jakarta EE Community and Media Challenge is a collaborative initiative designed to ignite creativity and foster collaboration within the Payara and Jakarta EE ecosystem. We’re inviting Java Champions, technical writers, and developers with writing and content creation experience to craft and submit compelling content centred around Payara or Jakarta EE.

So, whether you’re an experienced developer or an enthusiastic novice just dipping your toes into the world of Payara or Jakarta EE, this challenge offers a platform for you to shine and build your professional profile.

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Drive innovation

Create original, previously unpublished, and insightful content that explores Payara, Jakarta EE, application servers, or fully managed Jakarta EE Cloud solutions.

Contribute valuable resources

Equip developers worldwide with high-quality, practical resources for Payara or Jakarta EE development, fostering growth and proficiency.

Professional expertise and recognition

Enjoy professional expertise and recognition in the Payara and Jakarta EE Community!

Key Features

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  • Submissions: Submit your original articles, blog posts, and guides, delving into various facets of Payara or Jakarta EE.
  • Expert Judging Panel: Your submissions will be evaluated by a panel of industry experts, including representatives from Payara, Jakarta EE, and notable Java community members Michael Redlich, David Heffelfinger and Shabnam Mayel.
  • Recognition and Awards: Gain recognition for your contributions! Our 10 finalists and winners will receive cash prizes, featured spotlights, and publication opportunities on the Payara and Jakarta EE websites and social media platforms.
  • Post-Challenge Resources: The finalists and winners’ content will be curated into a published ebook ensuring that developers have ongoing access to valuable Payara and Jakarta EE materials.

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Participation, ebook inclusion, awards and mentions in developer forums, newsletters, and across social channels all offer the opportunity to build your professional reputation in the Java ecosystem as well as in the Payara and Jakarta EE Communities – priceless!

And, we also know the awards incentive will help you plan a more exciting summer vacation!

  • 1st Prize: £1000
  • 2nd Prize: £800
  • 3rd Prize: £600
  • 4th Prize: £500
  • 5th Prize: £400
  • 6th Prize: £300
  • 7th Prize: £200
  • 8th Prize: £150
  • 9th Prize: £120
  • 10th Prize: £100

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Payara and Jakarta EE Swag for All Contributors
All contributors will receive a coveted Payara and Jakarta EE swag!

Let’s Go!

Ready to showcase your expertise? Mark your calendars and get ready to participate in the Payara and Jakarta EE Media Challenge! Together, let’s shape the future of Jakarta EE development. You can express your interest in the competition below or submit your entry directly here

Payara Media Challenge (express interest)


  1. The content you submit may not have been previously published, plagiarized from other sources, AI-generated, or later republished in other sites or online locations.
  2. By the time of submission, you should have at least a couple of years of experience working as a Java Developer.
  3. You must have a good written command of the English language.
  4. Former and current employees and suppliers of Payara cannot participate in the Challenge
  5. By submitting content, you agree to grant Payara full rights to utilize, modify, and distribute the submitted material.
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