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At Payara, we have worked hard on our candidate journey and are always trying to improve our candidate experience. This year, we have implemented more automation, which I know is like Marmite (some love it and some hate it!). We know automation can be a great addition to a candidate’s journey, as it has many benefits such as speeding up decision-making time, allowing candidates to book interview slots that suit them, and ensuring our own hiring managers have a full-picture view of their hiring campaign.

At Payara, we don’t want to waste anybody’s time, which is why you will see a very simple application process.

Apply – Your CV and application form will be first screened by the TA team. We screen every single one! If you tick the qualifying boxes, you will then be passed to the hiring manager for further in-depth review. If you don’t meet the essential criteria, the TA team aims to let you know within 48 hours.

Interview – Our interview process can vary depending on the role you have applied for, but as a rule, we aim for no more than 3 interviews.

  1. Solo Interview – You may be shortlisted to attend a solo video interview where prerecorded questions appear on the screen, and you record your answers to them.
  2. First Face-to-Face Interview – If successful at the solo interview stage, you will be invited to interview via Teams with the hiring manager. This is where you can learn more about the team, role, and the plans for this position.
  3. Final Face-to-Face Interview – If the hiring manager has recommended you for a final (firstly, congratulations!), you will then be invited to meet with one of our HR representatives and the Team Leader to have a culture-based interview where you will learn more about our inclusive and immersive culture. This is the interview where you will be able to learn more about our values and culture and if that aligns with you! Depending on the role, there may be a task to present, but we usually only ask this to be a short technical challenge or presentation.

If successful, you are then offered the position, and our people team starts your onboarding, which has been top-rated by our current Payarans! Our TA team even keeps our hiring managers accountable by giving them SLAs to ensure they are reviewing candidates and giving feedback ahead of the industry standard.

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