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Social responsibility

Payara believes that having a social responsibility to our team, our community and our environment makes a difference. By doing business sustainably, we aim to achieve ecological, economic and social positive impact. Payara supports important initiatives to do this – see our policies to find out what we support and stand for. We also try to give back to the world in which we live by interacting with it in positive, meaningful ways.

Have a look at the social projects we are involved with, what our team is volunteering for, or to see what we do together to make a difference.

Supported Charity of the Year

Children International

Children International Logo

The decision to support Children International was made through a company-wide vote.

Our donation to Children International has allowed us to sponsor 4 children of different ages and genders, and from different locations, providing them with opportunities to live safely, access basic health care and reach their full potential with access to learning materials, education, and future employment.

Read more about why we chose this charity here.

Past Supported Charities

Company Policies

We operate our company in the same spirit as our open source software. All of our company policies are transparent and available for review.

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Team Initiatives

At Payara we are involved in social responsibility in terms of both giving back to our world and supporting our diverse team. As individuals and as a business we volunteer our time, carry out fundraising activities and celebrate the many facets of identity existing within our business.

Team Blog

Company Events

In a remote working company, it’s important to bring the team together on a regular basis. We hold a Virtual Payara Day each quarter and an annual Payara Retreat to shape the future direction of our company and operations.

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Our Culture

We are a growing, diverse and engaged team who have the freedom and support to develop our skills and potential. We are focused on delivering our mission while respecting and caring about each other.

At Payara, you can make a real impact.

We are a global tech company, with a close community feel. We reward those who demonstrate initiative and passion.

We trust you to work autonomously, empowering you to shape your role and influence the business and product development. Enjoy direct connections with all team members, including the founders. Personally and professionally, your voice as an individual is heard and valued at Payara.

Join for the development opportunities, and stay for the immersive culture. From our top-rated, thorough onboarding to our extensive rewards and perks, our diverse team enjoys a sense of belonging as “Payarans” from Day One.

We grow fast organically, produce an industry-leading product, and work with the biggest global brands. We invite you, talented individuals globally, to play a key role in our exciting growth.

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