Our Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

Payara believes that having a social responsibility to our team, our community and our environment makes a difference. We work hard… but also play hard and value opportunities to connect with the wider world sharing common goals to make the world a better, healthier and fairer place. Payara supports many initiatives to do this  – see our policies to find out what we support and stand up for- but we also try to give back to the world in which we live by interacting with it in positive, meaningful ways. Have a look at the social projects we are involved with, what our team is volunteering for, or to see what we do together to make a difference.

Company Policies

We operate our company in the same spirit as our open source software. All of our company policies are transparent and available for review.

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Social Projects

We help expand educational opportunities with fundraising for schools and colleges.

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Giving Back

Giving back is woven into the business and daily operations at Payara. As a company and as individuals, we donate and volunteer our time at charity events, sponsor individuals, and promote technology opportunities for kids.

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Company Events

With a globally-based company, it’s important to bring the team together on a regular basis. We hold a Virtual Payara Day each quarter and an annual Payara Week to shape the future direction of our company and operations. We also regularly participate in fun company events – like parties and baking buddies, and take our new starters out for a group meal.

Company Events

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