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Consultancy Services

Available exclusively to Payara Enterprise customers, Payara Accelerator is a suite of services designed to optimize your Payara Enterprise deployment, migration, or business growth, through customized infrastructure improvements and solutions.

Solutions are designed based on your specific needs. With years of experience both working with the Payara Enterprise and resolving root-causes of complex performance issues, the Payara Accelerator team can provide a comprehensive solution, delivered with confidence and authority

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Migration and Upgrades

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Payara Accelerator provides hands-on guidance and assessments to ensure your migration or upgrade is successful: whether from GlassFish, other application servers, from older versions of Payara Enterprise, or from Payara Community to Payara Enterprise.  

Our team can help no matter where you are in your migration journey. We create migration roadmaps to lead your organization from where you are now to where you want to be after the migration is complete.   

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Configuration and Health Check Review

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In-house teams may struggle to identify which changes to configuration have to be made to achieve the desired level of performance, stability, availability, and security. We can complete an in-depth review, providing you with the necessary information to ensure your production environment is reaching its optimal potential.  

The health checks done to your environment will also identify priority concerns and their solutions, improve diagnostics and minimize threats. 

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Payara Accelerator can provide a recommended monitoring solution that will increase visibility into your Payara Enterprise system – allowing you to be better prepared to deal with runtime performance issues and optimize your risk management. 

We will work with your in-house team to assess your specific needs and objectives and determine the next steps toward designing a production-grade monitoring solution that will benefit your needs. 

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Operational Training

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Your employees get training directly from our expert team of consultants in the operational aspects of Payara Enterprise, to boost their productivity. 

Whether you’re unsatisfied with your existing production configuration knowledge or looking to enhance it for better stability, Payara Accelerator can provide the best training solution entirely customized to your requirements, roles, and system configuration, delivered using standard online conferencing tools. 

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Performance Tuning

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We work closely with you to discover your performance requirements, combining in-depth knowledge of the Payara Platform with the best-practice tuning methods to assess and adjust your configuration to produce a result that delivers high performance and optimizes your Payara production environment’s response.   

Our team of experts bring their in-depth knowledge of the Payara Enterprise Platform to help highly optimize your production deployment runtimes for optimum performance. 

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Application Upgrade Service

Our upgrade services, tailored to the unique requirements and scale of your applications, commence with an initial discovery consultation led by a Payara Accelerator expert.

Our team collaborates with yoursmto understand your specific needs and goals, laying the groundwork for a customized, high-quality upgrade plan for transitioning to Jakarta EE 10.

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Cloud Migration

Our cloud migration process is tailored to your specific needs and begins with a comprehensive discovery consultation.

Our team collaborates with you to evaluate your application architecture, infrastructure, and business objectives, setting the stage for a bespoke cloud migration plan that aligns with your goals.

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