Month: January 2022

Leaving Jakarta, Place for Jakarta EE, Programming – a Remote-First Success Story 

Being a remote-first company means our employees can make living decisions based on their needs, rather than their commute. Our brand-new Software Engineer Arie is feeling this benefit. He lived for the last four years in Jakarta, the largest city of Indonesia, and namesake of the programming specifications for Java, used with our product, Payara

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Dismiss the Myths Thank you

Permissionless Co-Marketing: When One of Us Shines, We All Shine!

It’s likely you haven’t heard of Permissionless Co-Marketing. It’s Marketing’s kindest secret weapon – and it’s everywhere!   Amanda Natividad, VP of Marketing for SparkToro, sums it up in her excellent Twitter thread:   “Permissionless Co-Marketing is aligning yourself with other brands by promoting them in your work.   The payoff? Earning goodwill and setting the foundation for potential collaboration.” 

Admin Console

How to Use the Admin Console in Payara Server Thank You

WebSphere to Payara Server Migration

WebSphere Liberty to Payara Server Thank You

WebSphere to Payara Server Thank You

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