2023, that’s a wrap! Celebrating 30% Employee Growth, Innovation and Employee Satisfaction

As we say goodbye to another remarkable year, it’s with immense pride that we reflect on the incredible journey of growth and success Payara has experienced. The past twelve months have been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by a surge in our workforce, spanning 16 countries across the globe, the creation of new business units, and the introduction of perks and benefits that have truly resonated with Payarans.

Expanding Our Team: One of the most thrilling aspects of this year has been the substantial increase in our team size. We welcomed an additional 30% of talented individuals into our organization, each bringing unique skills, perspectives, and energy to the table. This growth not only bolstered our workforce but also injected fresh ideas and enthusiasm into our workplace culture.

Innovative Business Units: This year, we didn’t just stop at expanding our team – we also took bold steps to diversify and strengthen our business. New units were created, each designed to address emerging market demands and capitalise on untapped opportunities.

A Culture of Care: New Perks and Benefits: Understanding that our success is intricately tied to the well-being and satisfaction of our employees, we spared no effort in enhancing our workplace experience. A comprehensive review of our benefits package led to the introduction of exciting new perks that have been embraced wholeheartedly by our staff, proven by our last eNPS score which was 51 above industry standard!

Professional Development Opportunities: Investing in our employees’ growth has always been a priority. This year, we amplified our commitment by providing extensive professional and personal development opportunities. Empowering our team with the skills they need to excel is not only advantageous to our staff but also to our collective success as a company.

As end this year of huge achievements, we extend our deepest gratitude to our incredible team whose dedication and hard work have made it all possible. As we look ahead, we do so with renewed optimism and enthusiasm, ready to build on this year’s success and embrace the challenges and opportunities that the future holds. Here’s to another year of growth and innovation where we will be adding more Payarans to the tank.

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Here are a few quotes from our Senior Leadership Team summarising their reflections of 2023 and their thoughts moving into 2024.

Steve Millidge, CEO and Founder

‘2023 has been a huge year for scaling our teams at Payara. In particular we have grown our sales leadership and operations. We have strengthened the connection between Engineering and Customers by building a product management function. Next year we have big growth plans and will be looking for people across all areas of the business and at all seniorities. 2024 is a truly exciting time to be joining Payara.’

Jullia Millidge, Head of People

‘2023 has been a fantastic year at Payara – we have welcomed many new Payarans to the team, we have a clear and purposeful strategy , and we had an amazing Payara Retreat in Prague which will live long in the memories of many Payarans.

In 2024 we are looking to build on what we have all achieved so far…….our Growth Mindset will drive continuous opportunities for excellence and improvements, our Challenger Brand will see us being more impactful in our industry and beyond, and our focus on Customer centric activities will ensure we focus on making sure everyone has the best journey with Payara.’

Valentina Kovacic, Head of Marketing

‘In 2024, Payara is set to be a challenger brand, disrupting norms and embracing fresh perspectives. Join us in making a mark in the Java industry. As we expand our team across teams, we will continue to nurture talent and reward dedication. Working fully remotely, together we will continue to elevate Jakarta EE, championing its significance in the industry.’

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