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Our Story

Growth of Payara

When commercial support for GlassFish ended in 2014, Payara Server was created as a fully-supported drop-in replacement. Payara Services was born in 2016 to offer support solutions for the application server. By 2017, Payara Services had joined The Eclipse Foundation and the Payara Platform expanded to include Payara Micro and comprehensive commercial support options for development projects, in-production support, and consultancy solutions. In 2018, Payara Platform 5 was released and a new EU office was created to further support the rapidly growing company. Early 2021 saw the company achieve the UK’s most prestigious business award, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category.

Payarans Around the Globe

Payaran, noun: Someone with drive & a passion for excellence, part of a world-class open source business.

Our global team of “Payarans” are based in 13 countries across the world, speaking 15 languages. Our culturally and geographically diverse team means we can serve all global clients and cater to their needs irrespective of their location.

Work at Payara

Payara – What’s in A Name?

Payara’s name comes back to our founding story! We looked up “Glassfish” and found it was a small, Indian fish used in tropical tanks. We wanted to demonstrate how in Payara Platform, GlassFish is emerging as more potent and more robust. So we looked for a fish to represent this, and the awesome Payara fish – a predatory fish found in tropical South America – fit the bill perfectly!

Our Mission

Payara’s Mission is to grow a sustainable business that imagines and creates innovative, trusted, open source software and services that are widely used, deliver value and are loved by our users.

Our Vision

Payara is trusted as a global, commercial, open source company. As a successful business, we are aware of our responsibilities so we work to sustainable principles that benefit our customers, community and workers.

We are recognised as a leader in creating innovative infrastructure software for now and the future. We provide industry-leading expertise and services that enable our users across a diverse range of industries to create world-class solutions.

We are a growing, diverse and engaged team who have the freedom and support to develop our skills and potential. We are focused on delivering our mission while respecting and caring about each other.

We are proud to nurture and grow an open, vibrant, collaborative community that builds on the needs of all to advance our software and services while providing support, stability and security.

Our Values

Payara’s corporate values are the guiding principles on which we base our relationships and drive our approach with the community, our customers, and our internal affairs.


Community icon

Building strong relationships, both internally and externally to the business, is a fundamental part of working at Payara, and Payara team members make an effort to be inclusive, supportive and respectful of everyone.


Excellence icon

We believe we can achieve excellence and have a hunger for it in all areas of day-to-day performance. This means benchmarking performance against the best and not limiting ourselves, always looking to create and improve best practice for ourselves, our Team and the business.


Growth icon

We are devoted to developing, growing and improving the business through our work, and we each personally aim to take advantage of the many ways we can expand our knowledge and expertise via the available training, learning and professional development opportunities.


Openness icon

We remain open to new ideas and have transparency in what we do and a willingness to share with others. These are all fundamental Payara behaviours.


Initiative icon

As proactive members of the Team, using initiative involves problem solving, flexibility and a willingness to push boundaries for the agreed benefit of everyone both internally and externally.


Passion icon

Being passionate about what we do is fundamental at Payara. Having passion means having compelling energy, investment and determination in our outlook and actions, and it is the basis for all other behaviours. Each individual’s passion is recognised by fellow colleagues and by management.


Trust icon

We always aim to deliver on our promises and have the confidence to speak up if they become unachievable.

We are a growing, diverse and engaged team who have the freedom and support to develop our skills and potential. We are focused on delivering our mission while respecting and caring about each other.

At Payara, you can make a real impact.

We are a global tech company, with a close community feel. We reward those who demonstrate initiative and passion.

We trust you to work autonomously, empowering you to shape your role and influence the business and product development. Enjoy direct connections with all team members, including the founders. Personally and professionally, your voice as an individual is heard and valued at Payara.

Join for the development opportunities, and stay for the immersive culture. From our top-rated, thorough onboarding to our extensive rewards and perks, our diverse team enjoys a sense of belonging as “Payarans” from Day One.

We grow fast organically, produce an industry-leading product, and work with the biggest global brands. We invite you, talented individuals globally, to play a key role in our exciting growth.

Shaping the Future of the Industry

We actively shape the industry’s future to meet our customers’ needs. We are Project Management Committee and Solutions Members of the Eclipse Foundation, and Strategic Members of the Jakarta EE and Eclipse MicroProfile working groups.

To ensure the continuous development of the Jakarta EE project, Payara Services is a project lead for Eclipse GlassFish, the primary Jakarta EE implementation from the Eclipse Foundation.

We recommend GlassFish users migrate to Payara Platform Enterprise for mission-critical production environments and take advantage of our included support services, stability, and security.

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Our Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

Payara believes that having a social responsibility to our team, our community and our environment makes a difference. By doing business sustainably, we aim to achieve ecological, economic and social positive impact. Payara supports important initiatives to do this – see our policies to find out what we support and stand for. We also try to give back to the world in which we live by interacting with it in positive, meaningful ways.

Have a look at the social projects we are involved with, what our team is volunteering for, or to see what we do together to make a difference.

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Where You Can Find Us

Head Office

Payara Services Ltd
Malvern Hills Science Park
Geraldine Road
WR14 3SZ
United Kingdom

Portugal Office

Rua Nova de Sao Pedro no. 54,
2nd floor, room D,
9000 048 Funchal,
Ilha da Madeira,

UK: +44 207 754 0481
International: +1 415 523 0175

Registered in England and Wales.
Registration Number 09998946 | VAT Number GB 193854467

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