Remote Working – For the Win?!

3 years on from the pandemic, companies are now assessing the way they want their employees to work. Most companies that could go remote, went remote and are facing the decision to either ask staff to come back into the office full time, work hybrid or stay fully remote.

It’s safe to say that with the cost of living going up in the majority of countries across the globe, remote working is a better financial decision for companies as they don’t have the costs of an office building and the upkeep and maintenance. It’s also better financially for staff as they don’t have the expense of commuting, office wear and spontaneous purchases whilst at work, such as coffees and lunches.

But which is better?

Online chat boards and networking sites are full of feeds asking people remote vs hybrid or remote vs in- office and it’s clear that one size doesn’t fit all. But what is clear is that the benefits of working for a remote first company are pages long, including:

  • Increased productivity due to minimal distractions
  • Happier workforce, better mental health due to better work/life balance
  • More time available due to no commuting time
  • Financial benefits
  • Greater flexibility – that laundry won’t fold itself!
  • Increased motivation
  • Reduced staff turnover

And most importantly being remote first enables a company to access talent from all over the world, rather than being restricted to one postcode!

Hear from some of our Payarans as to why they love remote working…

I love remote working because it allows me to reclaim the time I used to spend on commuting and use it for activities that improve my overall well-being, such as exercise. This has greatly improved my work-life balance and productivity, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. – Gaurav – Software Engineer

Gaurav yoga

I love working remotely because it offers me a better work/life balance than hybrid or on-premises, without any commute time. I love the fact that I have autonomy over my work, and I don’t equate remote work with a lack of human interaction, especially in the case of Payara, where every day we have the opportunity to participate in different activities and challenges, on top of the regular work interactions.- Felix – Frontline Service Engineer

Working from home allows us a more flexible schedule, so we can balance our work and personal life better. – Luis – Software Engineer

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