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HR, Finance, Operations, Project Management, or Business Admin?


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Software Development/ Engineering, Consultancy, or Support Services?

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Marketing, Graphic design, IT Sales, or Partner Sales?

Why Work For Us

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Learning & Development

We prioritise our team members’ growth, proactively encouraging Payarans to consider how training can enhance their potential and what we can do to help them achieve their professional goals.

At Payara we give each employee the autonomy to propose any training that can help them fulfil their role – and their goals – most effectively. Every year we assess each employee’s learning track, recording objectives and a learning plan to most effectively achieve them.

We also appreciate that there are more ways to learn than formal courses or seminars, especially surrounded by Payara’s world-class team. That’s why we recognise and encourage “colleague knowledge share” and “task-based research” as legitimate strategies to enhance skillsets. Our Payara School library is also at-hand as a database of materials and personal reviews from all formal training. Come grow with Payara!

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Payara celebrates differences: our team members can confidently bring their whole selves to work with the security that all Payarans are treated fairly and equally. We prioritise our team-members and aim to understand and support every one of them, ensuring equal accessibility and opportunity regardless of race, age, colour, sex, sexual orientation, mental health or physical ability. At Payara, all are welcome and respected.

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World-class Team

World-class teams are tough to find and even tougher to build, so we’re proud of assembling a team of Payarans whose expertise is in demand worldwide. Anyone familiar with Payara knows that our technical team includes rockstars of code, but our non-technical teams – including Marketing, Sales, HR, Project Management and Operations – are also worthy of the red carpet. Our staff travel internationally throughout the year as in-demand speakers at the world’s largest and most prestigious technical conferences, and this talent is an invaluable resource for Payarans.

We encourage all to use this resource with our unique learning class of “colleague-knowledge share” – where Payarans log their time spent learning from each other’s expertise as recognised training. Our culture of openness and our diverse communication channels provide many avenues for Payarans to learn from each other’s specialised knowledge.

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Work-life Balance

We understand that Payarans are more than their professional roles (as awesome as we think these roles are), and we acknowledge this with benefits that include flexible working options, generous holiday allowance, time off for health appointments and other policies. We’ve earned our membership to the Worcestershire Works Well programme by providing resources and opportunities for mental and physical health enhancement amongst our entire team to the organisation’s high standard. Our team-members also have consistent and frequent opportunities to communicate whether they feel that their workload is too much, and they can feel secure doing that thanks to Payara’s culture of openness and trust. What’s more, Payara keeps to a policy of disconnecting outside work hours, so that you can leave your work at work.

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Social Responsibility

Payara acknowledges that we are part of something much greater than ourselves, and we have policies and initiatives that aim to give back to society and to the environment. In the day-to-day, Payara follows a dedicated sustainability policy to continually monitor environmental impact. This includes our commitment to paperless operations, minimised packaging, recycled and recyclable supplies and our policy of recycling waste.

In addition to operational policies, Payara actively invests in sustainability. As a Gold Company Member of the Marine Conservation Society, Payara aims to raise awareness, both within and outside the business, of marine environmental impacts. We also recognise volunteering as a powerful way to do good, and Payara’s team-members can select from a diverse list of charitable causes to use their paid work-time to volunteer, as we want to support Payarans who improve society through causes that matter to them.

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Company Culture

Payara’s culture is something we take great pride in, and our values of Passion, Excellence, Initiative, Trust, Openness, Community and Growth guide business decisions. Whether regarding day-to-day processes or grand initiatives, we respect every Payaran’s voice and provide multiple channels for feedback and impact.

One way we reflect and reinforce Payara’s values is through company events. A peak of Payara’s year is our annual Payara Week, when we bring the whole company together to one place – whether that’s to our office in scenic Malvern, Worcestershire or to the beautiful island of Medeira, Portugal – for five full days of workshops, presentations and social events. On a smaller scale, Virtual Payara Day (VPD) is Payara’s quarterly, day-long virtual conference for the company to regroup and plan for the upcoming quarter. VPD gives all Payarans, from upper management to junior apprentices, the platform to present their work and ideas to the entire organisation.

Payara carefully nurtures a culture of transparency, ownership and growth. We understand that our team members are our greatest asset, and an investment in their individual success is an investment in Payara.

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Grow with Payara

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Payara’s Grow Our Own Strategy

Payara is committed to supporting and encouraging passionate and talented individuals to start their career with us. We have developed our ‘Grow Our Own’ strategy that offers opportunities for individuals to experience different roles within the company at a variety of stages. Click on the adjacent boxes to find an experience for you to explore.

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School Events

We encourage all forms of Learning and Development and this extends to offering STEM volunteering opportunities to our team. We aim to support children and young adults to have fun and develop curiosity around technology by sponsoring or participating in events in local schools/ colleges and other venues. If you are an educator and would like to discuss this opportunity, please contact us.

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School/College Work Experience

We offer a one-week work experience across the business to local schools and colleges from our Malvern Office location. Usually, students are 16-18 years old and are considering their transition into work either directly into a role or through a university course. The week-long experience is either a focused or general role to give the student an opportunity to be part of a high performing team in a successful technology business.

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Apprenticeships in the UK are becoming more popular and at the Payara Malvern Office, we are able to offer two types of apprenticeships – L4 apprenticeship in Business Admin, Sales and Marketing or the Bsc Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeships working directly with Universities or through a 3rd party provider. Applicants for apprenticeships must be 18+ and work as full time employees whilst studying for their Apprenticeship qualifications. The business offers mentoring, 20% in work study time and an appropriate salary.

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Internships/ Placements

For those already studying at University, Payara offers internships lasting 3-6 months or a full year placement opportunity. The practical experience of working in a role that complements your theoretical course is invaluable and can lead to greater potential graduate recruitment from Payara or other technology companies. Join a high performing team and gain important employability skills as well as industry best practice knowledge.

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If you have graduated with a 2:1 or above in a range courses from Psychology to Computer Science, then Payara would love to hear from you. We are a growing business and frequently have entry level roles on offer in many functions. We are able to offer you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills through an active Continuing Professional Development program and also start to develop your career path.

Team’s Wellbeing

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At Payara, we are passionate about supporting a diverse workforce. As part of this we encourage all forms of wellbeing activities and give all Payarans frequent and various opportunities to take part in or learn about physical and mental health. This may be through social activities, in-house trainings or fun campaigns that we run throughout the year. We are supported in this by being members of a local UK government initiative called ‘Worcestershire Works Well’ whose role is to raise awareness that happy, healthy people also make the best team members, and they offer a gold standard to those employers who can demonstrate their commitment to this. At Payara, we are not only passionate about creating a great, healthy workplace: we have the accreditation to back it up!

Diversity Statement

Our Recruitment Process

Payara highly values knowledge and skills and so we recruit globally to find the best candidates for every role we fill. We use various methods to advertise our available roles but social media and global recruitment sites are our preferred method.

What to Expect from the Interview Process

The hiring manager reviews CVs/Resumes from applicants to select individuals to interview. Successful candidates will have a brief online interview to discuss the role and qualify suitability. If shortlisted, the candidate will have a second online interview to delve deeper into their knowledge and skillset, and to see how they’ll fit in with the company values and culture. Payara follows strict standards during the recruitment and interview process to ensure equal opportunity and data privacy.

Upon completion of candidate interviews, the successful candidate will then be offered the role and can look forward to a highly rated induction or onboarding period.

No agencies please.

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