Getting Started with Payara Micro

Create and Deploy a Hello World Application with Payara Micro

Introduction to Payara Micro

Watch “Getting Started with Payara Micro Introduction” and see what you’ll learn in this short video series for developers using Payara Micro for the first time.

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Installing Payara Micro Software

Learn how to install the tools and software required to create a Hello World application and deploy it in Payara Micro.

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Write and Deploy a Hello World App on Payara Micro

Learn how to create and deploy a hello world application on Payara Micro in this tutorial video.

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Payara Micro Getting Started Guide

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Compatible with Jakarta Web Profile, Payara Micro is the microservices-ready version of Payara Server. You can run WAR files from the command line without any application server installation. Automatic and elastic clustering makes Payara Micro the open source platform of choice for running Jakarta EE (Java EE) applications in a modern virtualized infrastructure. Payara Micro also comes with a Java API to embed and launch from your own Java applications. Using Payara Micro for the first time? We’ve put together this “Getting Started Guide” to help you with everything you need to successfully install and put Payara Micro to work for you, taking you to the point when you are deploying your application.


Use Payara Micro with MicroProfile Starter

Generate MicroProfile Maven Project with Examples

If you’d like to take a short cut and get an example project you can later extend, use the convenient MicroProfile Starter tool. Select Payara Micro from the MicroProfile runtime box,  choose your Java version and examples for specifications. Click download to generate a Maven project with examples and you’ll receive a project you can immediately run on Payara Micro.

MicroProfile Starter

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Payara Micro Articles

  • Customizing Payara Micro with Command-Line Options 26 Feb 2024

    Payara Micro is a microservices optimised, cloud-first Jakarta EE runtime capable of executing WAR files directly from the command line, eliminating the need for a conventional application server setup. This efficient method, coupled with its versatility and extensive functionality, makes Payara Micro an ideal choice for simplifying your Jakarta EE development process. Its wide array of command-line options is designed to simplify configuration and management, further enhancing its appeal.

  • What’s New In the February 2024 Payara Platform Release 21 Feb 2024

    We are happy to announce the February 2024 release of Payara Platform Enterprise 6.11.0 (request free trial here) and Payara Platform Community 6.2024.2 (download here) are available! This month's release comes with a number of enhancements, bug fixes, component upgrades, and new capabilities aimed at improving the stability and developer experience of the Payara Platform for you. See below for the details. 

  • The Payara Monthly Catch 08 Feb 2024

    Greetings Payara Community! Enjoy our favourite bits we gathered in our monthly catch for January.

  • Payara Micro vs. Payara Server: When to Use What? 08 Jan 2024

    The Payara Platform is a comprehensive ecosystem designed to meet the diverse needs of today's enterprise Java developers like you, offering robust solutions for Jakarta EE applications. The Platform is split into two main products, namely Payara Server and Payara Micro.

  • Payara for Beginners - Getting Started with Payara Platform 6 29 Dec 2023

    New to Payara Platform? Check out these two quick videos where we show you how to download and install Payara Server 6 & Payara Micro 6.

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