JBoss EAP to Payara Server Migration

Migrating from JBoss EAP to Payara Server can be a simple and straightforward process because both servers rely on the Java EE specifications. We make it even easier with the help of our migration resources and migration guides:

Planning a Potential Migration

Why Migrate to the Payara Platform

Before jumping right into the migration process, you (and the decision makers at your organization) may need to learn more about the Payara Platform. In our ‘Why Migrate to the Payara Platform’ Guide, we’ll provide information about:

  • Cloud Native, Containerized, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile application architectures
  • Why makes Payara Server Enterprise the best option for production Jakarta EE (Java EE) applications
  • Why Payara Micro  is ideal for running Java EE applications in a modern virtualized infrastructure
  • The benefits of open source software
  • How new Payara Platform Enterprise features are created
  • Cost advantages of the Payara Platform

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JBoss EAP vs. Payara Server at a Glance

Along with having a more frequently release schedule, component updates, and full MicroProfile support with Payara Server Enterprise – migrating to Payara Server gives you access to additional features and capabilities:

JBoss EAP to Payara Server Migration Guide

JBoss EAP to Payara

Although Payara Server Enterprise offers similar features as JBoss EAP, they are often based on different technologies and concepts, and often use different terminology. Before going into migration from JBoss EAP to Payara Server, we provide you with an overview of similar features and concepts that exist in both products so you can see how your applications and configuration will work once the migration to Payara Server is completed.

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