Satisfaction Surveys – Payara’s Results Are In!

Happy, motivated staff is the goal for every business – because who doesn’t want a high performing, engaged workforce?! 

Working in a globally distributed, fully remote company means that, sometimes, you can’t always see what is working for your people in the moment. That’s why regular satisfaction surveys (eNPS) are so valuable. These surveys give everyone a chance to feedback what they think is going well and where changes need to be made. 

But what about emotional wellbeing? This refers to the other aspects that tell you about someone’s experience in the company – their personal motivators, relationships with others and general happiness levels. These factors are just as important as overall job satisfaction, helping businesses shape the perfect culture for growth and productivity. 

Last week, Payara got the results back from our first eNPS survey of 2023, along with the results of our very first wellbeing survey, and the results are eye-opening. See what some of our Payaran’s said below… 

Payara is clearly invested in people, people development and wellbeing. There are opportunities for training and development, and a positive working environment even as a distributed worldwide remote team. 

It’s a company where you can freely express your opinions and always feel valuable. People are always open to help and share their ideas. It’s a company that makes a big effort to make the employees feel well. Proud to be a Payaran! 

The amount of technical knowledge I gain while I am working at Payara is very huge, I feel that I am more valuable than before. 

My team leader always supports me and is always available to help – what we have is simply Heaven! 

It’s these surveys, alongside our open and ongoing feedback channels, that allow Payarans to share their thoughts, so that we can act upon their feedback in the best way possible. But it’s also great to hear what Payara is getting right and helps us continue to work on keeping that positive culture present every day. 

Want to experience Payara’s culture for yourself? Check out our open roles here: 

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