Posted by Dominika Tasarz-Sochacka

Virtual Payara Conference – Empowering Enterprise Innovation with Jakarta EE

Discover how Jakarta EE empowers enterprise innovation in a dynamic digital landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights, network with industry leaders, and chart a course towards a more innovative future for your organization.
The Virtual Payara Conference is the perfect event for technical decision makers, CTOs, and senior Java professionals.

In this customer testimonial we interviewed Kenneth Kee, CEO of Origin Integrated Studios, currently managing one of the most rapidly growing digital health transformation solution provider companies in Malaysia.

Evolution of Jakarta EE Runtimes Post Java 17

Over the past few years, the pace of Java Platform, Standard Edition releases has become much faster, with a much predictable biannual releases, with a LTS every 18 months. This fireside chat by Payara Engineers will dive into some of the major changes from Java 17 to the upcoming 21. They will explore these changes within the context of Enterprise Java development on the Jakarta EE Platform.

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