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  • The 4 Most Useful GDPR Features in HubSpot 14 Jun 2021

    Hubspot Payara Image square

    Payara Services provides stable, supported open source software. Bringing our solutions to a global audience entails a wider skillset in the team than can be confined to Java developers and engineers, however. Our Marketing, Sales and HR departments have vital roles to play, with our Fish Food blogs providing a peek behind the curtain (or […]

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) 08 Feb 2021

    When life gives you lemons

    … or Best Laid Plans! Writing this, I’m sitting in a country faring badly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns, curfews, restrictions on personal freedoms, mask wearing and armed police on the streets … not to mention the strain on mental health and, of course, risk from the virus. However, one thing I am NOT worried […]

  • Seven Steps to Create a Business Plan 15 Jan 2021

    Payara fish with speech bubble

    So, following on from my last blog about cashflow, I thought it useful to cover a business plan. There are always opportunities for new businesses. If nothing else, the coronavirus (COVID-19) disruption has given people the time and space they need to be creative and to think of new business ideas. Additionally, the unreliable employment […]

  • 11 Quick SEO Wins for 2021 04 Jan 2021


    Growing a steady flow of website traffic can be challenging, but there are some quick and easy, fundamental core strategies that you can use to optimise and develop your website for more traffic. In the article below I have outlined some of the key Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) you should be using, divided into two […]

  • A Perfect Payara Candidate 23 Dec 2020

    team in nuns valley

     In reality, the “perfect” applicant doesn’t exist. Agree?  Let me explain.  Here at Payara we like to do things differently. That includes candidate selection.  Not because we want to be noticed and branded with glory and fame and have our name up in lights on a grand stage at a gala award ceremony being lavished with trophies and gifts from high-level celebrities – but because it is often the right thing to […]

  • Instagram for B2B Marketeers 16 Dec 2020

    In September, Instagram celebrated its 10-year anniversary. This makes it the youngest of the big social media giants (Twitter is 14, YouTube 15, and LinkedIn 18), but it also stands out for other reasons. Firstly, it focuses on images and visual content over and above the written word. Secondly, its user base is much younger, […]

  • Degree Apprenticeships in the Workplace 02 Dec 2020

    New apprentices James and Kalin

    HURRAH! Our 2 new Digital and Technology Solution (DTS) Degree Apprentices have finally joined the Payara Engineering team ….and it’s been such a wait! Recruitment of UK (DTS) Degree Apprentices is an unusual challenge as the business must think and act like an academic institution. Instead of the usual short hiring cycle, hiring a Degree […]

  • Tips for Presentations at Virtual Conferences 19 Nov 2020

    Virtual business events were common even before the coronavirus pandemic – but today, businesses are finding ways to hold most events and conferences online. Not only that, but it’s become the norm for entire organizations to work remotely, holding meetings over phone or video conference calls and collaborating with coworkers via Office 365, Google Docs, […]

  • What's the Big Deal About Fonts? 19 Oct 2020

    Image with three different typographies and fonts illustrated

    Fonts have many functionalities in the marketing world – the two most important ones being legibility and brand awareness. Your font’s main job is to deliver your clever messaging across to your audience in the most efficient way possible. Although to most people choosing fonts is not a big deal, there are people who have […]

  • How to Improve the Company Cash Flow 12 Oct 2020

    Cash flow

    In today’s unsteady business environment, cash flow difficulties will become a common challenge for many small and large businesses. Even a very profitable business can face extreme cash flow problems. There are several things that can improve company cash flow, which are detailed below: What is Cash Flow?  Cash flow is the term used to […]

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