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  • Leadership That Inspires People! 29 Apr 2022

    Today is the birthday of Steve Millidge, Payara’s CEO and Founder, Eclipse Foundation key committer, and the brains behind providing a supported replacement for GlassFish in 2014: the birth of Payara Platform! However, being a leader means a lot more than just bright ideas, and his leadership style also sets the tone for Payara’s culture and values. […]

  • Meet Rebekah – Our new People Team Assistant 01 Apr 2022

    At Payara, we pride ourselves on being a global employer of choice. We have employees in 13 countries, speaking 14 languages and operating across multiple time zones. We work to ensure everyone feels part of a united team, living our values Community, Growth, Openness, Initiative, Trust, Excellence and Passion, across continents. Of course, this takes […]

  • Virtual Connection at Our Company Conference 23 Mar 2022

    A few weeks ago, we held our first Virtual Payara Day of 2022. This is our quarterly online conference, and has evolved from business updates to a way of forging connections in a remote, global team.

  • If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It Anyway: The Evolution of Virtual Payara Day 02 Mar 2022

    This Friday is Virtual Payara Day – a quarterly event that looks quite different from our first-ever Virtual Payara Day (VPD) in 2018, despite the consistent success of VPD since then. Once we kick off a recurring event like this that receives glowing results, isn’t it easy to publish our template and rest on our […]

  • Meet Hadar: Our New Engineering Manager 09 Feb 2022

    Hadar, our new Payara Engineering Manager, joined the team at the same time as Arie, Cheryl and Luis (read their previous Q+As). We onboarded 4 team members across 3 different countries/time zones in the space of one week.

  • Meet Luis - New Payara Starter 03 Feb 2022

    Welcome to another of our new starters: Luis, Java Software Engineer, based in Brazil! We found out a bit more about Luis in this quick Q+A – from his favourite piece of music for productivity, to the fact he takes advantage of his location by watching the famous Brazilian football team in action. Just make […]

  • Leaving Jakarta, Place for Jakarta EE, Programming – a Remote-First Success Story  28 Jan 2022

    Being a remote-first company means our employees can make living decisions based on their needs, rather than their commute. Our brand-new Software Engineer Arie is feeling this benefit. He lived for the last four years in Jakarta, the largest city of Indonesia, and namesake of the programming specifications for Java, used with our product, Payara […]

  • Permissionless Co-Marketing: When One of Us Shines, We All Shine! 21 Jan 2022

    It’s likely you haven’t heard of Permissionless Co-Marketing. It’s Marketing’s kindest secret weapon – and it’s everywhere!   Amanda Natividad, VP of Marketing for SparkToro, sums it up in her excellent Twitter thread:   “Permissionless Co-Marketing is aligning yourself with other brands by promoting them in your work.   The payoff? Earning goodwill and setting the foundation for potential collaboration.” 

  • 5 Benefits of Remote-First Companies 22 Dec 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses around the world to reconsider their working models. Companies that had never offered employees to work from home were suddenly moving to remote-friendly working arrangements just to stay afloat. The continuing concerns over the pandemic have accelerated the growth of remote work, and it’s predicted that 32% of all employees worldwide will be remote […]

  • How To Reinvent Your Office Party For Remote Working 17 Dec 2021

    Payarans doing Christmas Selfies

    For the past two years, Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Thanksgiving and more have all looked different. In-person celebrations are often not possible, due to lockdown restrictions coming into place in many different countries.  Company parties, often held before businesses close for a winter break, are likely to take place online rather than in a shared physical […]

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