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  • Trix IT Runs 70% of their Java Web Solutions on the Payara Platform in Production with High Availability 16 May 2019

    We are always keen to find out more about how the Payara Platform is being used by companies worldwide. Listening attentively to users allows us to develop a sound understanding about which services are valuable for them and to continuously develop the platform with end users in mind.   A recent company we’ve been in touch with is Trix IT, based in Brazil. We have spoken with Marcos Soares, their Executive Director, and he was happy to share further details of their large-scale Payara Platform usage with us and the community.   Find out more about their success story in the interview below:

  • The Top Musical Genres for Programmers and When They are Most Applicable 07 May 2019

    Being both a programmer and a musician, I find the best way to keep me rolling forward in any situation is to stick the earphones in, smack on a good tune and get lost in the well composed world of (preferably not) spaghetti code and appropriate jams…   But what are the appropriate jams?   Today, I’ll talk about my favourite genres of music and where I believe them to be applicable in my programming work cycle.

  • Trix TI executa 70% de suas soluções Java Web na plataforma Payara em produção e com alta disponibilidade 01 May 2019

    Estamos sempre interessados em saber mais sobre como a Plataforma Payara está sendo utilizada por empresas em todo o mundo. Ouvir atentamente os usuários nos permite desenvolver uma sólida compreensão sobre quais serviços são valiosos para eles e continuar desenvolvendo a plataforma com o usuário final em mente.

  • Payara Japan Tour 2019 01 May 2019

    Recently a few of us from the Payara team went on a grand adventure to tour some of the major cities of Japan. Our mission was to team up with our Japanese partner, Yusuke Yamamoto from Samuraism, and run a series of talks at Java User Groups in: Okayama, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo and Tokyo. In Tokyo we visited the GlassFish user group and also sponsored and presented at the bi-annual JJUG event, the largest Java conference in Japan. 

  • The Internal Knowledge Pool 17 Mar 2019

    One of the most amazing things about working at Payara is the number of ‘experts’ we have.

  • #Metoo: An HR Forum for Sexual Harassment in the Work Place 15 Mar 2019

    It’s always good to keep yourself up to date with industry news, so as part of my Professional Development with Payara I signed up for the HW Chamber of Commerce HR forum meet up.

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