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  • Improving Our Health and the Environment One Step (Cake?) at a Time! 09 Jul 2019

    The importance of business environmental sustainability and social responsibility is growing and we at Payara Services are doing our best to make sure our impact on the environment and our local community is as positive as possible. In the recent months, we’ve been implementing some changes to further improve in those areas. In addition to some environmentally friendly day-to-day behaviours that we take for granted (such as switching the lights off when we leave the office!) we are now taking some proactive steps to improve and make a more positive impact.

  • Payara CEO Shortlisted at Tech Leaders Awards 2019 08 Jul 2019

    Payara is incredibly excited to announce our CEO, Steve Millidge, has been nominated for the Business Leader of the year & Open Source Leader of the Year at the Tech Leaders Awards 2019.

  • Payara Week 3.0 05 Jul 2019

    Payara hosted its third Payara Week last month – a week-long internal conference for which we fly in our team from around the world for strategy building across the whole company.  

  • Work Experience at Payara 03 Jul 2019

    This week we were happy to host  William and Imogen who joined us in the Malvern Office for a work experience placement. As an organisation we have been dedicated to involving ourselves and providing educational opportunities for young students. Including our apprenticeship program, work experience placements, speaking at schools and events. Below is a summary from William and Imogen on how they felt about the experience.

  • Payara Enterprise Support Saves DPD from Hiring Extra Support Employees and Offers Quick Solutions and Support for Critical Applications 01 Jul 2019

    DPD, one of the largest operators in Europe, delivers more than 5.2 millions parcel worldwide daily. They're now relying on the Payara Platform with Payara Enterprise Support to reduce the need for extra staff and ensure stability.  

  • Payara Services Opens Applications for Internship Programme 28 Jun 2019

    Payara has opened applications for its internship programme, providing the opportunity for successful candidates to learn from its experienced and international team.

  • MicroProfile in Action on Payara Japan Tour 2019 11 Jun 2019

    A lot of things were completely new for me last week: my first time in Japan, first time on a JUG tour, first time within the Japan Java community. And, it was my first time giving a talk which was translated by an interpreter. I also did live coding during my talk for the first time. It was even the first time I went to a Buddhist temple and a Sumo tournament. And all of it was a blast!

  • Breaking Agile Rules at Payara 03 Jun 2019

    I'm a Project Manager at Payara and I love Agile.  

  • Virtual Payara Day: Our Values Through Communication 02 Jun 2019

    “Payarans”. That’s the name we have for all team-members, regardless of whether they work in Payara’s brick-and-mortar offices or whether they’re remote, working from their own home-offices that are spread around the world in diverse places that include Japan, the US, Sweden, Colombia, the Netherlands, Portugal – the list goes on. Ensuring that these remote Payarans feel as much part of the team as those sitting in HQ is a fun challenge for Human Resources, and it’s an important one to get right. After all, without proactively promoting engagement, it’s easy for teams and individuals, particularly those who are remote, to become isolated and for a job to become – well, just a job.  

  • Customers Share the Top Three Benefits of Payara Enterprise Support 27 May 2019

    Companies worldwide from multinationals to SMES, are investing heavily on Payara Enterprise. As the support service has a long list of benefits, we decided to analyse our customer survey, testimonials, and case studies to create a list of the top three benefits our customers enjoy with a Payara Enterprise Support contract.

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