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  • Using the Flywheel Model - it's All About Business Growth! 16 Sep 2020

    Funnel is so 2019! If you’re familiar with the basics of marketing theory and marketing and sales terminology, you have surely heard of a ‘Funnel’ model – often referred to as a ‘Sales Funnel’. For many years, most businesses have built their strategies with a funnel model in mind. The good and bad news is […]

  • Candidate Journey – The Payara Way 08 Sep 2020

    At Payara Services, we care about culture and we care about our people. A lot. As the Talent Acquisition Lead, that means I must pride myself on working hard to ensure we have a candidate journey that is fit for purpose and eliminates the one thing I dislike the most about the recruitment industry: assumption.

  • 5 Types of Online Content and How They Fit Into Your Marketing Plan 10 Aug 2020

    Online content comes in a wide variety of formats involving text, graphics, video, and audio. Your “content” is the reason people visit your website, learn more about what you do or offer, and interact with you on social media platforms. Using different types of content is a good strategy to reach a larger audience online. […]

  • Seizing the Moment: A Retrospect on Engagement during Radical Disruption 04 Aug 2020

    Man holding crystal ball in landscape

    The unplanned worldwide disruption of this year has proven more than ever the importance of a strong workplace culture. Businesses that were forced to shift suddenly from office-based work to a diaspora of homeworkers have had to rethink fundamental behaviours like collaboration, performance management, and tasking to name a few. The suddenness of this change, […]

  • B2B Sales and the Importance of Being a Sense Maker 13 Jul 2020

    enterprise support visual

    In this article I’ll explore how complex business to business sales can get and how sales professionals can best support prospecting clients during their buyer journey.

  • Using an Inbound Marketing & Sales Methodology (to Generate Leads and Build Community) 06 Jul 2020

    innovation visual

    Payara Services, Ltd prefers to use an inbound methodology for its marketing strategy.  Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While outbound marketing interrupts your audience with content they do not always want, inbound marketing forms connections they are looking for and solves problems […]

  • Thinking of Returning to the workplace? 12 Jun 2020

    Return to work

    Its been a turbulent time so far this year for most businesses, and the latest Coronavirus pandemic has changed so much around the work environment that we are now talking about ‘the new normal’’ an environment created to slow down and reduce the transmission of this virus …… accepting change is going to be a […]

  • How Brand Guidelines Build Brand Recognition 08 Jun 2020

    Brand guidelines are your most important communication tool, both internally to your business and externally to your audience. Having established brand guidelines communicates to the public that you are serious about your brand. It is a great resource for your business to understand how to represent its brand across departments.

  • UK Enterprise Management Incentive 11 May 2020


    An UK employee only Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) scheme is an approved employee share scheme that is available to most trading companies, allowing employers to grant share options to key employee’s tax efficiently, as a reward for their efforts within the business and/or to retain and incentivise key staff.

  • Tools & Tips for Excellent Internal Communication 01 May 2020

    Communication pic

    Communication is key. We all know that tired axiom, but so much that goes wrong in a business can be boiled down to a failure to communicate. What’s more, during the current disruption, many businesses have made a dramatic shift from office-based teams to working from home, requiring enhanced or even overhauled communication strategies for […]

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