Payara Services announced tech content media and community challenge

The leader in application server technology, Payara Services Ltd., announced the launch of its inaugural Jakarta EE Media and Community challenge to foster innovation and knowledge-sharing within the Java community. Expert and entry-level Java specialists, tech writers and content developers are invited to submit content that focuses on Jakarta EE and Payara Platform application server. The competition offers cash prizes, with the overall winner taking home £ 1,000.

The latest contest from Payara is open to Java experts, tech writers, creatives and storytellers worldwide. It challenges them to showcase their talent and technical proficiency by developing captivating and technically accurate content of any form, including articles, blogs, guides and tutorials. Discussing technical concepts behind Jakarta EE and the Payara Platform or offering insightful perspectives on real-world applications, submissions will contribute to expertise development and growth within the Jakarta EE community.

The initiative is now open for entries starting June 20, 2024 and will close on June 30, 2024. Submissions will be evaluated by an expert judging panel, including industry representatives and notable Java community members, ensuring a fair and comprehensive assessment process. Recognition and awards will be given to the top finalists and winners, including cash prizes, featured spotlights and publication opportunities on Payara and Jakarta EE platforms.

Selected short-listed content will be curated into a published eBook to drive visibility and accessibility, ensuring that valuable insights and perspectives are shared with software developers and DevOps for the benefit of the entire community.

Payara is committed to fostering a growth mindset and nurturing talent within the Java community by providing a workplace and industry-wide environment that empower individuals to grow themselves, their team and their community to make things better.

Valentina Kovacic, Director of Marketing at Payara and organiser of the event, comments: “This challenge is not just about competition – it’s about community. By empowering Java enthusiasts and content developers worldwide to share their insights and expertise, we aim to foster a culture of collaboration and continuous learning within the Jakarta EE ecosystem. Even more, this initiative gives a unique chance to emerging influencers as well as young writers to raise their profile in the industry.

To read more about Payara’s Jakarta EE Media Challenge and submit your entry by June 30, 2024, please visit:


Payara Services launched a Jakarta EE Media and Community Challenge to foster innovation and knowledge-sharing within the Java community.


Download the PDF version here

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