Rewarding Great Payarans

We reward our team members, called “Payarans”, for either modelling great core values or for their excellent performance going way beyond expectations of their role. This has become an annual tradition at Payara.

So, what’s the rationale behind Rewarding Great Payarans?

When a Payaran feels appreciated for their hard work and dedication they are likely to feel more motivated to continue performing at high levels, have higher morale and want to build a great team around them. Commitment to achieve the company goals through team working and supporting each other leads to high levels of effective communication and collaboration, which ultimately leads to business success and growth! 

At Payara we love to showcase the talented individuals we have – and we do this continuously through our reward and recognition Perks, but sometimes Payarans need to be recognised for their constant high performance and desire for themselves and the business to be the best – regardless of the role they play. 

The Annual Director’s Thank You award is the highest level of recognition in Payara and is only awarded to a few Payarans each year. Towards the end of the financial year, a proportion of the profit is shared equally across those Payarans who have exceeded all expectations to ensure business success. Those selected receive a financial reward and a personal letter from the Directors explaining why they have been selected, how grateful the business is for their continued contribution,  and how much they are appreciated by everyone. From the Payaran’s perspective, it feels great to have your work rewarded in this way and to see that the Directors acknowledge you are a great Payaran. 

Everyone loves to feel that they are valued and appreciated for what they do daily and a Director’s Thank You is a very special way to receive that confirmation. 

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