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10 Good Reasons to Exhibit at a Conference and Planning Tips

Since joining the Payara Marketing Team I have had the pleasure of attending tech conferences and events all over the world. But the company doesn’t send me to these events just to fulfill my wanderlust. They are an extremely expensive form of field marketing, especially when compared to other digital options. Continue reading “10 Good Reasons to Exhibit at a Conference and Planning Tips”

Why Animation is an Important Marketing Tool

Migration and Project Support Video Screenshot

Animation is a great way to get into the world of marketing. In today’s fast-paced creative marketing world you want to do anything you can to get your product recognized. A simple written announcement is not enough to create hype around your product anymore. Even your loyal customers would get bored of your never changing practices. In that case, it’s good to change up your content every now and then and get your audience’s interest peaked. Animation is one of those solutions. Continue reading “Why Animation is an Important Marketing Tool”

Christmas in the Workplace Challenge: Ho, Ho, Ho – Rather than Woe, Woe, Woe!

Christmas for most people is a time of fun, presents, and slight over indulgence ..but for some it can be a time of worry, increased stress, or loneliness. The HR team needs to be aware of these aspects of Christmas as not all staff are going to be feeling the traditional Christmas cheer. In the multi-faith workplace, HR also need to be aware that not everyone will want to celebrate the Christian festival. Continue reading “Christmas in the Workplace Challenge: Ho, Ho, Ho – Rather than Woe, Woe, Woe!”

What’s in the Business Financial Statement?

Business owners are responsible for the economic prospects of their business, the buck quite literally stops with them. Keeping an eye on the daily sales and expenses while aiming towards growth will only get them so far. If growth of the business is to be approached with both foresight and insight, there is a key document that any business owner needs their organisation to have …the financial statement. Continue reading “What’s in the Business Financial Statement?”

Halloween 2018 at Payara UK

It all started with a Halloween party invitation last October.

As I haven’t been to a Halloween Party since I was in my early teenage years -many, many years ago!- I got overexcited one evening and purchased a few spooky items online to wear at the party: wig, face painting and some unnerving crazy lenses.

Halloween Payara team dress-up in front of Payara HQ

In order to maximise the usage of my purchase, the next day, I suggested to the Marketing team in the office that we all dress up for Halloween. They promptly accepted the idea and skillfully promoted it to the office team.

On Wednesday, the 31st October 2018, I was one the first one to arrive in our Malvern office. A few minutes later I was sweating under my acrylic wig, worrying that I would be the only one to embrace the scary dress up day and ridiculously stand out of the cool Payaran crowd.

To my relief, the second person to arrive in the office was one of our developers, Mark. He arrived dressed up as a kind of mysterious caveman. And I’m politely using the word mysterious, because I could barely recognize him under his long unkept wig and beard. If he was planning to look scary that worked for me!

He was quickly followed by a Leprechaun and Pumpkin. Phew! I was not alone. Jadon, our Marketing wizard, opted for a discreet Beemo jumper. I’m still trying to figure out what was scary about it. But hey ho that’s kind of an outfit, right?

Everyone else in the office decided to sit back and have fun looking at us trying to go through our working day in our ghostly outfits.

Overall dressing up for Halloween here in our Payara office was fun – and I can even say it was a good ‘team building experience’ as we all had a good laugh together.

Looking forward to whatever Halloween 2019 event may happen here in our Malvern headquarters!

Eat All the Cake! Payara Hosts Another Successful Cake Sale for Macmillan Cancer Support

If you are a regular reader of our Fish Food for Thought Blogs, you probably already know that the Payarans can’t say no to a cake 😉 So, once again, we decided to turn our love for cake into something useful and last Friday, the 18th of October, we took part in the Macmillan Coffee Morning, selling a huge variety of home-baked cakes! Continue reading “Eat All the Cake! Payara Hosts Another Successful Cake Sale for Macmillan Cancer Support”

Payara Services a Finalist in the Worcestershire Apprenticeships Awards

We are thrilled to announce that for the second year running Payara is a finalist in the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards in the SME Apprentice Employer of the Year category.

The finalist ‘Black tie’ event will be held at the Tree Tops Pavilion, West Midlands Safari Park on November 14th. This year, Marc Woods, British Paralympic Swimmer and Gold Medallist will be the host. Continue reading “Payara Services a Finalist in the Worcestershire Apprenticeships Awards”

Payara Services Builds a Stronger Community and Product Through Customer Surveys – You Can, Too

Love it or hate it, the internet has turned media from a one-to-many communication channel to one that can either reach people one-on-one or open the doors to communicating in a many-to-many direction. Social media and messaging apps further increase the opportunities to reach your customers and invite customers to reach you. Continue reading “Payara Services Builds a Stronger Community and Product Through Customer Surveys – You Can, Too”

Improving Our Health and the Environment One Step (Cake?) at a Time!

The importance of business environmental sustainability and social responsibility is growing and we at Payara Services are doing our best to make sure our impact on the environment and our local community is as positive as possible. In the recent months, we’ve been implementing some changes to further improve in those areas. In addition to some environmentally friendly day-to-day behaviours that we take for granted (such as switching the lights off when we leave the office!) we are now taking some proactive steps to improve and make a more positive impact. Continue reading “Improving Our Health and the Environment One Step (Cake?) at a Time!”

Payara CEO Shortlisted at Tech Leaders Awards 2019

Payara is incredibly excited to announce our CEO, Steve Millidge, has been nominated for the Business Leader of the year & Open Source Leader of the Year at the Tech Leaders Awards 2019.

The Tech Leaders Awards are widely respected annual events, acknowledging the efforts and decisions of key individuals within their respective businesses. This is a flagship awards programme for the UK’s thriving IT industry, bringing together the highest achievers to honour excellence in tech leadership and showcase the powerful contributions of technology and innovation in today’s economy.

The event will also be a great opportunity for the wider company as a whole to reflect on the progress, success and growth of the business as of recent. The Business Leader of the year award highlights the leader of a tech company, big or small, who has gone beyond and expressed outstanding leadership within the past 18 months. Specifically, demonstrating outstanding business strategies to help support employees, reduce expenses and innovate the ever-growing industry. Based off of the greater impact we have made to our organisation and customers.

Steve Millidge photo

The Open Source Leader of the Year award recognises an organisation or person that has embraced an open source strategy to drive innovation and collaboration across organisations and industries.

The event will take place on the 12th of September and will be an unparalleled evening, a chance to socialize with other leaders who have too experienced significant progress this year, and a time of celebration for every nominee’s dedication to their business. We look forward to seeing the candidates on the night and to see what the future holds for Payara!

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