Payara’s Platform Engineering Innovations Under the Spotlight at JAX Conference in Germany

Payara Services will showcase its latest advances in the development landscape at JAX 2024, which will take place from April 22-26 in Mainz, Germany. In addition to exhibiting through physical and virtual stands at the event, the company‘s innovative approach to Platform Engineering for businesses delivering solutions with Jakarta EE will be discussed in one of the main conference’s sessions.  

By integrating platforms seamlessly with code, Payara is redefining the development landscape to help businesses deliver better value to their customers for greater profitability. JAX attendees will be able to learn how Payara’s innovations in Jakarta EE runtime automation and optimizations enable businesses reduce cost and enhance operational efficiency during one of the event sessions. During this, which will take place on April 24, they will also be able to gain practical insights into how businesses can leverage Payara’s advancements in Jakarta EE Platform Engineering to gain a competitive edge in today’s fast paced technology scene. 

Attendees can also expect to witness first-hand on Payara’s stand how the company accelerates application development and deployment processes with its cutting-edge solutions. Of note is Payara’s revolutionary Payara Cloud, the latest generation of cloud-native application server, which stands as a unique offering in the market. Payara Cloud serves as an all-in-one PaaS solution tailored for Jakarta EE (Java EE) and MicroProfile applications, streamlining cloud operations without requiring expertise in application servers or Kubernetes. Users can seamlessly deploy their existing applications without the need to rewrite code or delve into complex setup procedures involving Docker, Kubernetes, ingress, or monitoring. The platform autonomously handles these tasks while delivering advanced security features.  

“Our goal with Payara Cloud is to empower users to reduce costs and mitigate risks associated with managing Jakarta EE application servers in the Cloud.  It’s about simplifying the journey to cloud-native architectures while ensuring robust security and performance. We invite anyone attending JAX in Mainz to visit our stand and engage with our Payarans to discuss how our solutions can benefit their applications and their business.” said Steve Millidge, CEO at Payara. 

To learn more about Payara Services and its solutions for Jakarta EE application development, deployment and use, visit the physical and virtual stands at JAX, Rheingoldhalle Mainz, Mainz, Germany from April 22-26: 
JAX sponsor, Payara Services, is presenting and exhibiting at the event from April 22-26 in Mainz, Germany.

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