Case Studies

Rakuten Card Smoothly Transition to a Cloud-Native Architecture with Payara Server Enterprise

  • Found Payara Server to be more frequently updated and more reliable.
  • Achieved 99.9999% availability.
  • The commercial support was fast and effective in solving issues.
  • Enabled the move to an 100% cloud-native architecture in less than a year.
  • Cloud-native deployment with Payara was low maintenance and highly portable.
  • In three years since moving to Payara Server Enterprise, Rakuten Card hasn’t faced a single production issue.

Rakuten Case StudyJapanese Translation

BMW GROUP – Luxury German Vehicle Manufacturer Migrates from GlassFish to Payara Server

BMW group logo
  • Customer minimised the learning curve and avoided code changes in migrating from GlassFish to Payara Server
  • Out-of-cycle patches were provided for more important issues to fix problems quickly
  • Thanks to Production Support, all major blocking issues have been resolved and newly found bugs are dealt with appropriately
  • Knowing that Payara Services offer a guarantee of 10 years of support for the Payara Server 4.x branch ensures a stable basis for BMW Group ‘s applications

BMW Case StudyJapanese translation 

APPRISS -Appriss Migrates from GlassFish to Payara Server to Deliver Their Critical Web Applications

Appriss safety logo
  • Showstopper issues resolved via Migration & Project Support enabling successful migration from GlassFish to Payara Server
  • Critical customer facing web applications delivered with added confidence of 24/7 Production Support
  • Responsive support services provided quick access to patches and fixes
  • Explored the benefits of screen-sharing support, Support Portal and flexible options and pricing for multiple server environments and clusters

Appriss Case StudyJapanese translation 

SWISSCOM – Leading Telecoms Company Swisscom Migrates From GlassFish to Payara Server

  • Successful migration from GlassFish to Payara Server
  • Reliable & fast-acting Support Service for mission critical infrastructure
  • Access to the Features & Stability Streams enabled easy integration to the full development cycle
  • Reduced problem-solving time for multiple projects

Swisscom Case StudyJapanese translation 

iTAC SOFTWARE – iTAC Choose Open Source & Make a Switch to Payara Server

  • Very fast reaction time for support tickets raised
  • All issues are resolved quickly and smoothly
  • The Support Portal is easy to use
  • iTAC are confident that they can get a quick resolution for potential bugs and issues in their production environment from the Payara Support Team

iTAC Case Study Japanese Translation

Zellis Obtains Payara Enterprise Support, Provides 24/7 Availability of Payroll and HR Software to Customers

  • After successful migration from GlassFish to Payara Server, Zellis obtained a Payara Enterprise Unlimited 10×5 Support contract to increase availability of their services and speed up issue resolution time.
  • Zellis experiences same-day-responses to their support requests, often within one to two hours.
  • Support issue resolution as a result of having Payara Enterprise Support has decreased from several days to a matter of hours.
  • Relying on Payara Enterprise Support enables Zellis to provide 24/7 availability of their HR and payroll software to customers.

Zellis Case Study 

Payara Enterprise Support Saves DPD from Hiring Extra Support Employees and Offers Quick Solutions and Support for Critical Applications

  • DPD struggled to hire extra support staff with GlassFish skillset to maintain over 100 APIs connecting systems and integrating with customer applications
  • DPD migrated to Payara Server and obtained Payara Enterprise support for same-day response times and stability
  • DPD enjoys providing an improved customer experience for their customers

DPD Case Study

Payara Support Allows Hermes to Move Their Business-Critical Applications to the Cloud with 30% Faster Performance and Reduced Costs

Hermes group logo
  • Hermes migrated from IBM Websphere to GlassFish to Payara Server 4
  • Hermes requested and received a new monitoring feature in Payara Server 4
  • Hermes moved into production 100 days earlier than planned with help from Migration & Project Support
  • Hermes moved business-critical applications to the cloud with 30% faster performance and reduced costs

Hermes Case Study

Hyperwallet Increases Payara Platform Efficiency with Payara Enterprise Support

Hyperwallet logo
  • Hyperwallet uses Payara Server to host business-critical applications
  • Hyperwallet requested a configuration review of their Payara Server installation
  • Payara Accelerator consultants completed 70 checks of Hyperwallet’s installation
  • Payara Accelerator discovered possibilities for up to 25% improvement

Hyperwallet Case StudyVideo: Hyperwallet's Story

FlexiSAF Achieved a Distributed Caching System with Payara Server Data Grid Feature

FlexiSAF logo
  • FlexiSAF was spending too much time trying to get GlassFish to work and needed a better option
  • FlexiSAF provides innovative solutions to 500 schools in Nigeria
  • They were challenged by JPA data caching and needed a distributed caching system
  • Payara Server Enterprise offers a Data Grid with distributed caching
  • Domain Data Grid reduces costs, handles jPA data caching, and resolves data from user sessions

FlexiSAF Case Study

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