Case Studies

Rakuten Card Overcome a Myriad of Problems by Investing in Commercial Support for Payara Server

  • Found Payara Server to be more frequently updated and more reliable.
  • Achieved 99.9999% availability.
  • The commercial support was fast and effective in solving issues.
  • Easy integration with Docker and Cloud Servers
  • Faster deployment and better performance with a reduced resource footprint compared to old provider.

Rakuten Card Case StudyJapanese Translation

BMW GROUP – Luxury German Vehicle Manufacturer Migrates from GlassFish to Payara Server

  • Customer minimised the learning curve and avoided code changes in migrating from GlassFish to Payara Server
  • Out-of-cycle patches were provided for more important issues to fix problems quickly
  • Thanks to Production Support, all major blocking issues have been resolved and newly found bugs are dealt with appropriately
  • Knowing that Payara Services offer a guarantee of 10 years of support for the Payara Server 4.x branch ensures a stable basis for BMW Group ‘s applications

BMW Case StudyJapanese Translation

APPRISS -Appriss Migrates from GlassFish to Payara Server to Deliver Their Critical Web Applications

  • Showstopper issues resolved via Migration & Project Support enabling successful migration from GlassFish to Payara Server
  • Critical customer facing web applications delivered with added confidence of 24/7 Production Support
  • Responsive support services provided quick access to patches and fixes
  • Explored the benefits of screen-sharing support, Support Portal and flexible options and pricing for multiple server environments and clusters

Appriss Case StudyJapanese Translation

SWISSCOM – Leading Telecoms Company Swisscom Migrates From GlassFish to Payara Server

  • Successful migration from GlassFish to Payara Server
  • Reliable & fast-acting Support Service for mission critical infrastructure
  • Access to the Features & Stability Streams enabled easy integration to the full development cycle
  • Reduced problem-solving time for multiple projects

payara-swisscom-case-studyJapanese Translation

iTAC SOFTWARE – iTAC Choose Open Source & Make a Switch to Payara Server

  • Very fast reaction time for support tickets raised
  • All issues are resolved quickly and smoothly
  • The Support Portal is easy to use
  • iTAC are confident that they can get a quick resolution for potential bugs and issues in their production environment from the Payara Support Team

iTAC Case StudyJapanese Translation

Zellis Obtains Payara Enterprise Support, Provides 24/7 Availability of Payroll and HR Software to Customers

  • After successful migration from GlassFish to Payara Server, Zellis obtained a Payara Enterprise Unlimited 10×5 Support contract to increase availability of their services and speed up issue resolution time.
  • Zellis experiences same-day-responses to their support requests, often within one to two hours.
  • Support issue resolution as a result of having Payara Enterprise Support has decreased from several days to a matter of hours.
  • Relying on Payara Enterprise Support enables Zellis to provide 24/7 availability of their HR and payroll software to customers.

Zellis Case Study

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