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Following Oracle’s announcement to discontinue GlassFish support, BMW Group made the decision to pursue support from another vendor. Standards compliance is very important to BMW Group, so a key driver in the decision was the closeness to the reference implementation (RI) of Java EE – GlassFish.

Since Payara Server is derived from GlassFish, it meant that BMW Group could minimise the learning curve and avoid code changes when migrating from GlassFish to Payara Server.


With the foreseeable end of support for the GlassFish product family, the BMW Group had to evaluate the alternatives and choose an appropriate application server for their needs that will serve its purpose in a long-term.


The expert support through Payara Enterprise has always been appropriate to the severity level of issues reported by BMW Group. Out-of-cycle patches were provided for more important issues which helped to fix problems in a short amount of time. Regardless of where the root cause of the problem is located – either in Payara Server source code or application source code – the Support Team helped to find a solution and resolve the issue. BMW Group found that all major blocking issues have been resolved and any newly found bugs are dealt with appropriately.

The key benefits of using Payara Enterprise for the BMW Group are:

  • providing compatibility to GlassFish and new Jakarta EE (Java EE) features
  • providing support for Jakarta EE (Java EE) applications
  • open source model development with professional support


Payara provided BMW Group with a smooth migration path from GlassFish to Payara Server and Java EE 7 and is now providing ongoing support services to ensure stability of BMW Group’s mission critical environment. Knowing that Payara Enterprise offers a 10-year software lifecycle for the Payara Server 4.x branch ensures a stable basis for BMW Group’s applications.

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