Hyperwallet had been using Payara Server to host their global payout platform application for several years. After they learned how to use Payara Server and knew they could rely on the open source Java application server to reliably host their business-critical applications, Hyperwallet decided they should take open source to the next level with Payara Server Enterprise with the included 10×5 support option. Their team wanted to ensure they were using the product correctly and to the best of its abilities.


Hyperwallet’s team of developers implemented Payara Server on their own and knew their use of the robust application server could be optimized for improved performance. They didn’t have any issues at the time, but Hyperwallet was interested in proactively looking at their configuration of Payara Server to reduce risks of future problems or downtime and wanted the experts at Payara to look at their environment to see what could be improved.


Hyperwallet obtained Payara Enterprise and requested a configuration review offered through Payara Accelerator consulting services. Payara Accelerator is only available to Payara Enterprise customers. An Accelerator consultant conducted the configuration review consisting of over 70 checks of Hyperwallet’s installation, packaging, application deployment, JVM options, and availability. Payara discovered 17 areas that need adjustments to improve efficiency, stability and performance.


While Hyperwallet had taught themselves to install and use Payara Server to host their global application successfully, the configuration review found about 25% of the items checked should be fixed and improved. With the configuration review report provided by Payara, Hyperwallet can implement the suggested changes to ensure they maintain a stable, high performing solution for their customers.

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