Zellis had been using the Payara Server Community Edition as a platform for their payroll and HR solutions. They experienced intermittent database locks across the services provided to their customers, preventing their customers from using their services. They needed to improve the availability of their delivery of customer services. Using Payara® Enterprise with the 10×5 support option, Zellis achieved 24/7 availability of its services and increased customer satisfaction.


Zellis’ in-house IT teams work together to create, test, and manage applications for customers. Eventually, technical issues exceeded the skillset and knowledge of the in-house team, and their time for training team members was limited. They couldn’t pinpoint where the root causes of issues were, and their customers could not access the HR and payroll services. Before obtaining a Payara Enterprise contract, Zellis reached out for help through the Payara community. Even before becoming a Payara Enterprise customer, Zellis received assistance from the support team, analyzing logs on the Payara side to pinpoint where the problems were. Zellis needed Payara Platform environment experts for further troubleshooting and issue resolution to ensure availability of their services to customers.

Solution: Payara Enterprise with the 10×5 Support Option

Zellis previously developed its HR and payroll software on GlassFish. When GlassFish no longer met their needs, they migrated to Payara Server Community Edition; an open source application server initially developed as a fork and drop-in replacement for GlassFish Server Open Source Edition. Payara® Accelerator consultancy services helped with the migration from GlassFish to Payara Server. As their in-house team issue resolution time took too long and their use of Payara Server without support resulted in service outages to their customers, Zellis obtained a Payara Enterprise contract. They chose the included 10×5 support option to increase their service availability and speed up issue resolution time.

Same-Day Support Response with Resolutions in Hours, Not Days

“The support team is very efficient in lending a hand,” said Ed Roast, Technical Service Desk manager at Zellis. “Even when the cause is unknown and may not be Payara related, they will help review logs and work alongside us in our investigations. There is never any ‘it’s not us’ mentality, they work with us to find a solution.”

After becoming a Payara Enterprise customer, Zellis had access to support provided directly from Payara Engineers for faster resolution times of issues. Zellis experiences same-day-responses to their support requests, often within one to two hours. Support issue resolution a resulting from having Payara Enterprise has decreased from several days to a matter of hours. Payara Engineers often continue working beyond regular office hours to provide responses to Zellis and allow the team to continue their investigations first thing the following morning.

Results: Zellis Offers 24/7 Availability of HR and Payroll Software, Faster Issue Response

Relying on Payara Enterprise and the included support services enables Zellis to provide 24/7 availability of their HR and payroll software to customers. Their customer experience is drastically improved, while issue resolution for Zellis’ in-house team is no longer frustrating or consuming time that is better spent focused directly on their business activities.

The Zellis team finds the quick response and resolution times, friendly, helpful staff, and desktop screen sharing contribute to a quality support solution that keeps their systems running with 100% availability.

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