DPD had been using GlassFish 4 to run Web APIs with Java for integration with customers but experienced problems from the lack of support. DPD needed quick reaction times to their support questions and solutions to any problems with critical applications. Using Payara® Enterprise 10×5 Support, DPD quickly overcame issues with their applications without the need for hiring additional support staff.


With over 100 APIs connecting systems and integrating with customer applications, having a stable solution with support is critical. DPD considered hiring extra support staff but struggled to find someone with the skillset to do the work. When their team were unable to find resolutions to problems using GlassFish, DPD decided to seek another solution that also had support. Because Payara Server was derived from GlassFish, the transition to the Payara Platform was an easy one to make.

Solution: Payara Enterprise 10×5 Support

DPD migrated to Payara Server, an open source application server originally developed as a fork and drop-in replacement for GlassFish Server Open Source Edition. Some of their APIs and critical applications needed extra work to function properly once migrated to Payara Server, but Payara Support Engineers quickly resolved the issues with same day response time for support requests. Using Payara Enterprise saved DPD from hiring additional support staff while providing DPD with the quick support and stable environment they need.

Same Day Support Response with Quick Resolution

“Using Payara Enterprise support enables us to get our APIs more stable and we feel more confident in the service we provide to our customers,” said Stefan Ajderev, IT Infrastructure and Security Manager at DPD. “We would highly recommend Payara and Payara support. Monthly patches are very helpful, having the option to update is helpful in case of critical issues. It’s stable and NO problems.”

Results: No Need to Hire Extra Support Staff and Faster Issue Response

Relying on Payara Enterprise Support eliminates the need to hire additional support staff while receiving faster resolution to issues. Their customer experience is drastically improved, while issue resolution for DPD’s in-house team is no longer consuming time better spent focused on continuing to revolutionize the parcel delivery industry,

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