Employee Background Checking Policy and Procedure

This policy gives information on why and how we carry out background checks on potential employees as part of our recruitment process. Background checks gives the company basic insights into a candidate financial, criminal and identity background which confirms the accuracy and truthfulness of the information they have given to the company. It is used as part of our external recruitment process but may be used when considering employees for new roles within the business. Background checks and reference check are carried out by HR staff who have received GDPR training on sensitive personal data and are aware of the need for confidentiality and minimum processing activity.

Background checks may include:

  • Criminal records.
  • Credit reports.
  • Identity Verification reports
  • Driving records.
  • Reference checks – previous employment, education.

The basic background screening includes identity, criminal and financial checks. These checks are carried out on all candidates to whom an offer has been made for employment regardless of role. We will comply with legal guidelines at all times and aim to make the process as simple and effective as possible.

Conducting an Employee background check

The HR Manager has the responsibility for selecting and using a reputable external background checking company. Background checks will only be carried out when a candidate has been offered a role and will not be used as part of the final selection process. Candidates will be asked to give authorization for the background checks to be carried out during the offer process, failure to agree may mean the offer is withdrawn. HR has responsibility for handling any sensitive personal data and has GDPR compliance statements from the background checking company. As part of the recruitment process all applicants are notified that background checks will take place if they are successful and are made and offer. Full details of how the company handles personal data during the recruitment  process is available in our Privacy statement on the website www.payara.fish. All role adverts show that we are aware of equal opportunity regulations and GDPR responsibilities during the recruitment process.

Our company’s responsibilities

HR staff will:

  • Ask candidates to provide written permission before conducting a background check and let them know how long the process will take.
  • Ensure candidates are informed of the results of their background checks. The Background check provider will give candidates copies of their results.
  • Give candidates information and the opportunity to dispute a report or address any issues a background check turns up.
  • Ensure processing of sensitive data is kept to a minimum.

Negative findings

Criminal records don’t automatically disqualify candidates from employment unless they are convicted of serious criminal acts. We will judge the substance of criminal record reports and make an informed decision after discussion with the individual, and dependent on the suitability of the role the individual has been offered.

Background checking Procedure

Once a candidate has been selected and made an offer of employment, HR perform the following procedure;

  1. Candidates are asked to give approval for;
    – Collection of 2 References from previous employers (referees)
    – Identity, financial and criminal back ground checks to take place
  2. Candidates supply requested information for background checks to take place and give approval for the processing of their personal data and also supply the names of 2 previous employers and their contact details.
  3. HR uses the information to access the background checking service and input the information supplied. HR also make payment to the background checking company.
  4. HR contacts the referees supplied by the candidate and asks for employment verification (role, dates, confirmation of employment) and any other data supplied by the referee.
  5. Background checks are carried out by the background checking company and upon completion;
    – Candidates are sent the results of the checks and any documentation
    – The company is notified the checks are completed and sent a report to be securely viewed
  6. If the checks are positive the company continues with the recruitment process and induction.
  7. If the checks are negative the company holds discussions with the individual to discuss the findings, considers the role and the suitability of the candidate for the role with the pertinent background check information and makes a decision to continue with the offer or withdraw it.
  8. If referee checks come back positive the company continues with the recruitment process and induction.
  9. If the referee checks come back negative the company holds discussions with the individual to discuss the references and considers the role and the suitability of the candidate for the role. A decision to continue with the offer or withdraw it will then be made.

The back-ground check data and report are held in the employees file in line with our GDPR policy.

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