Internet of Things (IoT) and the Payara Platform

The Payara Platform is an ideal solution for building intelligent Edge Servers.

Payara Micro is a Jakarta EE runtime with a small footprint that enables the creation of intelligent Edge Servers developed using industry standard Jakarta EE APIs. I0T devices can send data over MQTT to the Payara Platform on the Edge which can then apply business logic, aggregate and analyse data. This data then integrates seamlessly to Event Streaming Cloud platforms or on-premise applications through support of Kafka, REST or other industry standard protocols.

IoT & Payara Platform Use Case


The Payara Platform and IoT provides the automotive telematics required for delivery vehicles and consumer taxi services, such as Uber and Lyft.

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From the Blog

  • Domain Data Grid in Payara Server 5 23 Jan 2018

    In Payara Server 5 we will be introducing some major changes to the way clustering is working by creating the Domain Data Grid (see documentation for more info). The Domain Data Grid will be easier to use, more scalable, more flexible and ideally suited for cloud environments and cloud-native architectures. All Payara Server instances will join a single domain-wide data grid for sharing of in-memory data like web sessions, JCache, SSO and Stateful EJBs.   

  • Payara Micro JCA Adapters - Amazon SQS 26 Jul 2017

    In this blog, which follows on from the  Cloud Connectors in Payara Micro, we will explain the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) connector and how to use it in Payara Server / Micro.  

  • Payara Micro JCA Adapters - MQTT 28 Jun 2017

    In this blog, which follows on from the introduction to Cloud Connectors in Payara Micro, we will explain MQTT and how to use it in Payara Micro with Mosquitto.    

  • Payara Micro JCA Adapters - Apache Kafka 08 Jun 2017

    In this blog, which follows on from the introduction to Cloud Connectors in Payara Micro, we'll guide you through the process of setting up Payara Micro as a Kafka Client, which can produce and consume data from Apache Kafka.  

  • Cloud Connectors in Payara Micro 02 Jun 2017

    Payara Micro 172 brings with it support for JCA adapters, meaning it can be used as a client for Java Messaging Service (JMS) brokers. JMS is a Java EE API which provides a common interface for standard communication protocols. This means that you can send and receive messages between systems in a platform and language independent way. With Payara Micro now supporting JMS, you can setup your Micro instance as a JMS client with Message Driven Beans (MDBs) to listen and respond to messages from other systems through a message broker.  

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