Learning Kubernetes Taking Too Long – Automatically Deploy Jakarta EE Apps in the Cloud

Bringing your application to a cloud environment requires more work for the initial set up and more work to maintain than running your application in an on-premises environment.

Most cloud environments are based on a Kubernetes cluster to run the various parts of the application. Using a containerized process offers an improvement of the hardware resources in respect to Virtual Machines. The downside of using a Kubernetes cluster is learning Kubernetes itself! Learning how to use the Kubernetes commands and the best practices around containerized images is challenging for most developers.

As a Jakarta EE developer,  you should be able to concentrate on solving the business problems and deploy the application without worrying about the infrastructure. This deployment model should also work in the cloud era – you should upload your application and it will run in a fully-fledged cloud environment. Until now, running your applications in a cloud environment requires the developer to do a lot of infrastructure work to set up and maintain Kubernetes, provision nodes and pods, routing, assign SSL Certificates, set up the monitoring and configure the application.

Download this eBook to find out how Payara Cloud’s  serverless architecture allows you to build and run Jakarta EE Web apps without dealing with infrastructure management. Payara Cloud scans your application for database usage and configuration parameters defined using the MicroProfile Config specification, and then presents you with a configuration screen to enter these values. That’s all you need to do to connect to your database and deploy the application. The provisioning of the Kubernetes resources, setting up the routing, networking aspects, and providing the SSL certificate for your endpoints are all handled for you. It brings the serverless architecture idea to Jakarta EE, you just need to deploy and configure the application

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Learning Kubernetes Taking Too Long? Automatically Deploy Jakarta EE Apps in the Cloud

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