Pre-Release Builds

Payara Server 4.1.x Pre-Release Builds & Release Schedule

These are the pre-release builds from the GitHub project, built by Jenkins.

Payara Server (Full) Download
Payara Server -web (Web Profile) Download
Payara Server-minimal (OSGI+JAXRS) Download
Payara Server-embedded-all (Full Platform Implementation) Download
Payara Server-embedded-web (Web Profile Implementation) Download
Payara-Micro (Web Profile Implementation) Download
Payara Server -ml (Multi-Language Full) Download
Payara Server-web-ml (Multi-Language Web Profile) Download
Payara MicroProfile Download

2017 Releases

  • February - 171
  • May - 172
  • August - 173
  • November - 174


Public Release

Patch Release

Long-term Support

January   xx4.2  
February xx1 -  
March - xx1.1 xx1.1
April - xx1.2 xx1.2
May xx2 - xx1.3
June - xx2.1 xx1.4
July - xx2.2 xx1.5
August xx3 - xx1.6
September - xx3.1 xx1.7
October - xx3.2 xx1.8
November xx4 - xx1.9
December - xx4.1 xx1.10
January - - xx1.11
February xx1 - xx1.12


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