Migration & Project Support

Payara Support engineers assist Migration & Project Support customers with Payara Server or Payara Micro during development projects before going to production, or provide assistance with the application server migration process.

Payara Platform experts accelerate your project delivery while reducing risks and costs, helping you deliver your project on time and within budget.

Our Migration & Project Support is offered through a flat fee per year regardless of the size of your environment and supports an unlimited number of units in development. You’ll have unlimited tickets to get all of your questions answered, access to a private customer knowledge base and exclusive access to crucial fixes and patches. If you move to production in less than 12 months, you’ll also receive a discount on Payara Enterprise production support services.

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Migration & Project Support Features

Includes all of the features below:

Flat FeeYou only pay $19,950 (per annum) - no matter how large your environment is!
Unlimited Number of UnitsThere is no need to count the number of Payara Server/Micro units being used - Migration & Project Support subscription covers an unlimited number of units in development environments for a flat fee.
Unlimited TicketsThere is no limit on the number of tickets that you can raise during your support contract.
Private Payara Support PortalRaise tickets for bugs, incidents or questions related to Payara Server or Payara Micro, including any general questions you may have about configuration, deployment, security, monitoring and troubleshooting.
Fast & Easy Access to TicketsRaise and track tickets, attach diagnostic files, configuration and thread dumps directly from within the Domain Administration Server.
Private Customer Knowledge BaseFull access to our growing Knowledge Base of common problems, user guides, patch notes and more.
Live SupportOur Support Engineers can work with you through screen-sharing to quickly diagnose and resolve issues.
Phone SupportTalk to one of our Engineers directly to discuss any issues during UK business hours.
On-boarding SupportDocumentation for support processes including an optional introductory support call giving you and your team an overview of how to raise tickets, access monthly patch releases and clarify any questions you may have about using the support services.
10-year Support LifecycleMajor versions of Payara Server and Payara Micro come with 10 years of support and a well-defined lifecycle model maintaining stability of your production environment

  • Payara Server and Payara Micro 4.x support until 2024
  • Payara Server and Payara Micro 5.x support until 2028
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Hot FixesA Hot Fix is a patched module, or modules, of Payara Server which we can provide to you if an urgent solution is required. These personalized fixes enable you to get a rapid problem solution for your current version of Payara Server running in production.
Backported FixesYou can request specific fixes to be backported to the version of Payara Server and Payara Micro you use in production where possible.
Critical Security FixesYou will receive rapid notification of Security Fixes and Hot Fixes for urgent security issues.
Fully Supported Production BinariesYou get exclusive access to extensively tested, fully supported binary builds of Payara Server and Payara Micro.
Features Stream ReleasesYou get exclusive access to monthly releases of Payara Server and Payara Micro including crucial fixes and patches via the Features Stream.
Stability Stream ReleasesYou get exclusive access to the Stability Stream where a feature set is kept for 12 months, while monthly patch releases add bug and security fixes without any component upgrades, boosting the stability of your production environment throughout the year.
Full Support on Ecosystem ComponentsYou will receive full support for a growing number of Payara integration components including Maven plugins, Cloud Connectors, Docker images and IDE connectors.
* OpenJDK SupportYou will benefit from Payara’s partnership with Azul, providing you with access to use Zulu Enterprise - Fully-Supported Builds of OpenJDK - with Payara Server and Payara Micro.

  • Support for major Java SE releases for at least 10 years, providing more stability and control for your business;
  • Support and security updates for Java 7, 8, 11 and beyond;
  • Access to fully certified and fully supported Zulu binaries;
  • Critical Patch updates for all supported Zulu versions;
  • You can raise support tickets for any issue with Zulu Enterprise.
* you can use any other supported JDK with Payara Server and Payara Micro

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The Migration & Project Support has helped us to diagnose issues faster, mainly via the screen sharing sessions. Having access to the Payara Support Engineers during the development stage of our project allowed us to discuss our implementation ideas with the Payara team first before going ahead with the implementation process, reducing the hours spent on ‘trial and error’ sessions and allowing our team to focus on their areas of expertise instead of spending hours researching server best practise.


Migration Success Stories

Payara vs WebLogic

“Payara is faster on requests when compared to WebLogic.”

Online retailer

Payara vs GlassFish

“60% of the support issues we had previously was related to GlassFish. Those were the type of issues that used to wake us up during the night. Now, with Payara, we have almost no issues at all. Extremely pleased with it!”

-Glenn Choat (Appriss)

Payara vs JBoss

“Payara is faster than JBoss and is consuming less resources.”

– E-commerce company in Mexico using Payara on its Points of Sales

Case Studies

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