Payara Enterprise

Migration & Project Support Option

Payara Enterprise: Migration & Project Support Option

Using Payara Platform Enterprise gives you additional reassurance that your production systems are secured and safe, with:

  • Monthly release streams including security fixes
  • Critical security patches and alerts to their availability
  • Customer Hub support portal and Customer Knowledge base to contact Payara engineers and access information about vulnerabilities and security fixes
  • 10-year software life cycle to maintain the security and stability of your applications
  • Exclusive access to extensively tested, fully supported binary builds of Payara Platform
  • Access to fully supported builds of OpenJDK with recent security fixes

Payara Platform also provides tools to secure and restrict access to a production system, encrypt communication, and audit security events and configuration changes.

Fill out the form on this page and download your datasheet to learn more about the Migration & Project Support Option for your Payara Enterprise subscription.

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