Payara Support

Deploy and Adopt Payara Products Faster, Easier & More Cost Efficiently

  • Get support directly from Engineers. Unlike other companies who use an outsourced helpdesk, Payara customers receive support directly from the Engineers.
  • Enjoy a 10-year support lifecycle. You won’t have to worry about upgrading a year or two after you implement a Payara solution as we provide support for 10 years.
  • Monthly release streams, priority bug fixes, and patches. Our community involvement and public open source development ensures that bugs, feature suggestions and feedback are rolled into Payara products consistently.
  • 3-year contract option. When you sign up for a 3-year support contract you save 20% over the cost of an annual contract, lock in the price for 3 years, and save having to renew annually.

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Payara Enterprise

Payara Enterprise global engineers guarantee rapid response to issues with mission critical applications for all customers with Payara Server or Payara Micro in production.

Choose from 10×5 business hours support for non-mission critical environments and 24×7 support for mission critical environments. All support customers receive security patches to meet data compliance requirements.

Payara Enterprise

Migration & Project Support

Payara Migration & Support engineers assist customers with Payara Server or Payara Micro during development projects before going to production, or provide assistance with the application server migration process.

Our Migration & Project Support is offered through a flat fee per year regardless of the size of your environment and supports an unlimited number of units in development.

Migration and Project Support

Payara Accelerator

Payara Accelerator consultancy services for Payara Enterprise and Migration & Project Support customers will accelerate your Payara Platform deployment, migration, or business growth through customized infrastructure improvements and solutions.

Solutions are designed based on your specific needs. Typical consultancy engagements include migration or application server upgrades, health checks of your architecture, configuration reviews, monitoring, troubleshooting or performance tuning.

Payara Accelerator

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