Payara Platform Product Lifecycle and End of Life Policy


Payara Services provides a 10-year software lifecycle with support and maintenance over stated time periods for Payara Platform Enterprise products. The 10-year lifecycle allows Enterprise customers to plan and deploy their applications using Payara Platform, to reduce the level of change required for each major release over time, increasing stability and predictability and giving your team the peace of mind that comes with not having to upgrade frequently.

The Payara Platform lifecycle identifies the various levels of support and maintenance for each release of that product over a period of time from the initial release.

Payara Platform software updates containing security and bug fixes are delivered via software patches released to individual Payara Enterprise customers as needed, or as part of a minor release. Feature enhancements and new features are generally introduced in minor and major releases—not as patches.

Payara strives to maintain compatibility across the full life cycle so that patches and minor releases are tested and qualified against prior releases, as well as provide compatibility with the initial major release (e.g., 6) but if incompatibilities arise, the team documents it in the release notes or reports the incompatibility as a bug. Major versions of the Payara Platform software attempt to maintain significant backward-compatibility with previous versions (e.g., Payara Server 5 endeavors to maintain backward compatibility with Payara Server 4) to aid with the migration of applications from one major release to another. An upgrade tool is available to assist Enterprise customers with updates from one minor version to the next.

Payara Platform’s product lifecycle is published to provide transparency and assist you with your planning, but sometimes must make changes to the policies due to end of life changes of a component or platform in the ecosystem that are outside of Payara’s control.

Software Lifecycle Phases

Support Lifecycle Graph

The 10-year software lifecycle for Payara Platform products is divided into three main phases: Full Support, Maintenance, and Extended Support.

Dates in italics may change.

Phase 1: Full Support

  • Monthly releases
  • JDK support through Azul
  • Backported fixes
  • Hot fixes
  • Security fixes
  • Platform certifications

Phase 2: Maintenance

  • Frequent releases (when fixes are available)
  • JDK support through Azul
  • Backported fixes
  • Hot fixes
  • Security fixes

Phase 3: Extended Support

  • JDK support through Azul
  • Security fixes
  • Fixes available to customers by request

Payara Platform Enterprise

Payara Platform Enterprise includes:

  • Payara Server Full Profile

  • Payara Server Full Profile ML (multi language)

  • Payara Server Web profile

  • Payara Server Web profile ML

  • Payara Embedded Full Profile

  • Payara Embedded Web Profile

  • Payara Micro

  • Payara Docker images

Supported Java VersionStart of SupportStart Maintenance PeriodStart Extended SupportEnd Of Life
Payara Enterprise 4JDK 7January 2014February 2019August 2022Q1 2023
JDK 8February 2017February 2019August 2022Q1 2025
Payara Enterprise 5JDK 8February 2018Q3 2024Q1 2027Q1 2029
JDK 11November 2019Q3 2024Q1 2027Q1 2029
JDK 17May 2022Q3 2024Q1 2027Q1 2029
JDK 21December 2023Q3 2024Q1 2027Q1 2029
Payara Enterprise 6JDK 11April 2023Q2 2028Q1 2031January 2032
JDK 17April 2023 Q2 2028Q3 2029
JDK 21December 2023Q2 2028Q1 2031September 2031
Dates in italics may change.

Payara Community

Payara Platform Community includes:

  • Payara Server Full Profile

  • Payara Server Full Profile ML (multi language)

  • Payara Server Web profile

  • Payara Server Web profile ML

  • Payara Embedded Full Profile

  • Payara Embedded Web Profile

  • Payara Micro

  • Docker Images

Supported Java VersionFirst ReleaseEnd of Life
Payara Community 6JDK 11 November 2022
JDK 17November 2022
JDK 21October 2023

Jakarta EE

Jakarta EE support date is based on when the Payara product became a Jakarta EE compatible product. In many cases the product already had support for it before this date.

Start SupportEnd of Life
Jakarta EE 8 Full ProfileOctober 2019Q1 2029
Jakarta EE 8 Web ProfileDecember 2020Q1 2029
Jakarta EE 10 Full Profile November 2022
Jakarta EE 10 Web Profile November 2022
Jakarta Core ProfileNovember 2022
Dates in italics may change.


Payara Platform aims to support the current latest release of MicroProfile for each Jakarta EE version.

ProductMicroProfile Version
Payara Platform Enterprise 41.2
Payara Platform Enterprise 54.1
Payara Platform Enterprise 66.1
Dates in italics may change.

Azul Platform Core

VersionStart of SupportEnd of Support
JDK 7July 2011July 2023
JDK 8March 2014December 2030
JDK 11September 2018September 2026
JDK 17March 2021September 2029
JDK 21December 2023September 2031
Dates in italics may change.

Ecosystem Tools

Our Payara Enterprise subscriptions, including versions 5 and 6, come with comprehensive tooling support to ensure a seamless experience for our customers. Tool support is categorized for convenience, and here’s an overview:

Tool Categories

IDE Integration

Seamlessly integrate Payara Enterprise with popular Integrated Development Environments, including Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, VSCode, and Apache NetBeans.

Build Tools

Effortlessly incorporate Payara Enterprise into your build and deployment processes using widely adopted build tools like Apache Maven and Gradle.


Ensure robust connectivity and integration with Payara Enterprise through specialized connectors, including Cloud Connector, Arquillian extensions, and Security Connectors.

Tool Support

  • Payara Enterprise subscribers, encompassing versions 5 and 6, automatically receive comprehensive support for the listed tools within their respective categories.
  • Simplify your experience – there’s no need for separate licenses for individual tools; your Payara Enterprise subscription covers the entire tooling spectrum.
  • Our commitment extends to keeping support up-to-date with the latest versions of the tools, ensuring compatibility and access to the most recent features.
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