Production Support

Our commercial Support Services give you 24 hour support for your production Payara Server environment.


We can guarantee that our expert engineers will be available if you have any issues with your mission critical application server. We understand the importance of having a fully functioning system and we are ready to help you support yours. 

Choose Your Support Level

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Payara Support Features

Both types of support give you full access to all the features listed below:

Support Prices

To work out the number of Units needed, count all Payara Server and/or Payara Micro JVMs or instances you run in:

  • production, 
  • pre-production,
  • disaster recovery and
  • multi-user test environments (User Acceptance Test; System Test; Integration Test etc.)

The ones that your developers use on their local machines are not counted.

1 Unit = 1 Payara Server Java Virtual Machine (JVM), DAS or instance.
1 Unit = 5 Payara Micro Java Virtual Machines (JVMs).
1 Unit = 6 CPU cores. Cores can be physical or virtual.

Choose whichever combination of units works best for you!

We offer generous discounts from the annual subscription price for customers that are looking for long term stability.

  • 20% discount 3 years upfront payment
  • 10% discount 3 years contract with annual payment.

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