Production Support

Our commercial Support Services give you 24 hour support for your production Payara Server environment.


We can guarantee that our expert engineers will be available if you have any issues with your mission critical application server. We understand the importance of having a fully functioning system and we are ready to help you support yours. 

Support Levels & Features

On top of Payara Server open source user’s benefits, such as regular quarterly releases, GitHub Issues support and unlimited deployment options, Payara Support customers can benefit from the following features:

Support Pricing

You can mix and match your Payara Server and Payara Micro support units.

To work out the number of Units needed, count all Payara Server and/or Payara Micro JVMs or instances you run in production, pre-production environment, disaster recovery and multi-user test. The ones that your developers use on their local machines are not counted.

1 Unit = 1 Payara Server Java Virtual Machine (JVM), DAS or instance.
1 Unit = 5 Payara Micro Java Virtual Machines (JVMs).
1 Unit = 6 CPU cores. Core can be physical or virtual with the cheapest option chosen.

All prices listed are in USD, excl VAT. All prices are per annum. We offer 10% discount for 2 years contracts and 20% discount for 3 years contracts.

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Payara Scales Add-on

Payara Scales provides Payara Production Support Customers with the benefits of Hazelcast Enterprise's High-Density Memory Store and WAN replication. With this special add-on, Payara Server gives you some truly great enterprise level capabilities that you won’t get with any other open source application server!

With Payara Scales, Payara Server replicates session and cache data across multiple data centres and stores data in-memory, off heap making it perfect for large-scale, highly resilient deployments.

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