JBoss EAP Vs Payara Platform

FeatureJBoss EAP 7.2Payara Server 5.194
LicenseOpen Source with EULAOpen Source
Release FrequencyIrregularQuarterly for the Community, Monthly for Customers
Production SupportYesYes
Component UpgradesFrequent/Unknown scheduleQuarterly
Supported IDEsEclipse / NetBeans / IntelliJ IDE / Red HaT Development SuiteEclipse / NetBeans / IntelliJ IDE
Jakarta EE 8 CompatibleNoYes
Java EE 8 CompatibleYesNo
Data Grid (Caching)Infinispan (additional cost)Hazelcast / JCache
ClusteringEvery node runs same app or fine grained assignment.Every node runs the same app or fine grained assignment. Automatic clustering over multicast.
Scripting Tooljboss-cli.shasadmin
Admin Command Recording and AuditingNoYes
Deployment FlexibilityVariable (System, environment, external file, MicroProfile config)Variables (System, environment, MicroProfile config)
Notification Channels Monitoring
  • CDI
  • JMS
  • Log Files
  • JMS Beans
  • Log Files
  • SMTP
  • SNMP
  • JMS
  • CDI
  • Slack
  • New Relic
  • Datadog
Slow SQL LoggingNoYes
Health Check ServiceNoYes
Request TracingYEs (JAX-RS, CDI)Yes (JAX-RS, CDI, EJB, Servlet)
OAuth2 / OpenId Connect SupportYes, through Red Hat Single Sign-On (additional cost)Natively Supported (through Security API)
Microservices EditionNoPayara Micro
MicroProfile SupportPartialYes
Docker SupportYesYes, also with container automation through Payara Docker Nodes
Kubernetes SupportYesYes
Cloud Providers SupportMicrosoft Azure, Amazon, Google, OpenShift, and moreMicrosoft Azure, Google, Jelastic, Amazon, Oracle Cloud, and more
Zero Deployment DowntimeNoParallel versions with one-time switch
Upgrade ToolYesNo (Coming Soon)
Bundled JDK SupportYes - RHEL and Windows onlyYes - Linux, Windows, and Mac. (Solaris available additional cost)
Easy Migration from Community to EnterpriseWildfly migration to JBoss EAP Possible - ChallengingYes - Payara Platform to Payara Platform Enterprise -Simple migration
Integrated Monitoring ConsoleYes (additional cost)Yes
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