Jakarta EE 10: What Decision Makers Need to Know

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Jakarta EE 10 is HUGE NEWS.

This is the first release since Jakarta EE (then Java EE) was donated to the Eclipse Foundation that actually brings new features. Old APIs are getting removed; consistency is being added; and the new Core Profile is meeting user needs when it comes to microservices, by creating a foundation for RESTful microservices.

If you are part of Procurement, a Dev Lead, VP Engineering or Ops Manager, you might not work with Jakarta EE/Java EE everyday. But you need to know about this release and choose whether you adopt Jakarta EE 10 now or wait until later; what it brings; how it can help you; and what migrating actually looks like. This fact sheet explains all, also including descriptions of what Jakarta EE and MicroProfile are, and a handy timeline of the journey so far. It’s one of our most important resources yet, and you can download for free.

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Jakarta EE 10 Fact Sheet

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