Payara Server Enterprise Allows Hermes to Move Their Business Critical Applications to the Cloud with 30% Faster Performance and Reduced Costs [Case Study]

Hermes used IBM WebSphere to operate its business-critical Hermes Advanced application to scan packages during the delivery process. When they discovered WebSphere licensing makes moving to the cloud too expensive, they started looking for other application servers and migrated to GlassFish. Later, they realized they needed commercial support and migrated from GlassFish to Payara Server Enterprise 4 using the Migration & Project Support option and into a production environment with Payara Enterprise 24×7 support 100 days earlier than planned.

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Category: Case Study

Subject: Cloud, Migration, Payara Platform, Persona CTO, Persona Dev Lead, Persona Developer, Persona Ops Manager, Persona VP Engineering, WebSphere

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