Payara Hackathon

Virtual Event: 2 – 6 March 2023

Payara Hackathon

Build an app with Jakarta EE 10 and Payara Platform for a chance to win £3,000 in prize money for the winner, with £2,000 and £1,000 prizes for runners up.

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Get recognition in the Jakarta EE Community!

What is Payara Platform?

Payara Platform is the application server of choice for innovative, supported Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications. We are Strategic Members of the Jakarta EE Working Group, with our team working directly on Jakarta EE and guiding its future.

Why Choose Our Hackathon? 

Celebrate innovation and Java, Jakarta EE and open source community collaboration.

“Payara’s Hackathon is a perfect opportunity to get involved with Jakarta EE, learn about the Jakarta EE 10 release,  build examples that would be contributed to the Jakarta EE examples repository, and become a contributor or even get a status of a committer for the project!” – Tanja Obradovic, Jakarta EE Program Manager at the Eclipse Foundation

Registrations for the Hackathon are now closed – thank you to all that entered & we will see you at the Hackathon 2-6 March 2023


Design your app during our Hackathon long weekend: 2 – 6 March.

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Who Can Enter?

This competition is open to all, from students to Java oldies, first-timers to dedicated Payara and Jakarta EE fans.


Do I Need to Already Use Payara?

Don’t worry if you have never used Payara Platform before. Payara Platform is a Jakarta EE and MicroProfile certified application server with low barriers to entry.

If you are familiar with enterprise Java coding, this is a great time to give Payara Platform and Jakarta EE a try.

More established Jakarta EE users, take part for a chance to show off your skills, add to your CV, and potentially win big!

Get your work reviewed by our judging panel of Java and Jakarta EE experts:

Ivar Grimstad

Ivar Grimstad

Ivar is a Java Champion and Jakarta EE Developer Advocate at the Eclipse Foundation. He is Project Lead for Eclipse Enterprise for Java and represents the Eclipse Foundation in the JCP Executive Committee. He is a JUG Leader and regular speaker at developer conferences.

Otavio Santana

Otavio Santana

Otavio is a Java Champion and Software Engineer and Jakarta EE Committer. He is a NoSQL expert and representative of SouJava, the Brazilian Java Users Society, on the JCP and Jakarta EE boards. He has helped guide the direction of the Java platform since Java 8.

Luqman Saeed

Luqman Saeed

Luqman is a Jakarta EE Expert and Technical Writer at Payara. He is also a distinguished Jakarta EE trainer, delivering the popular Java Enterprise Edition 8 for Beginners course on Udemy, with a passion for helping software development teams get productive with Jakarta EE!

Andrew Pielage

Andrew Pielage

Andrew is a Senior Java Engineer at Payara, and Jakarta EE Committer. He created asadmin recorder, one of the most used and popular features of Payara Platform, when he was just a junior, and has continued to make a huge impact in the world of enterprise Java!


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  • First Place – £3,000
  • Second Place – £2,000
  • Third Place – £1,000
  • Payara & Eclipse Foundation Swag Bag for the top 10 contestants
  • Mentoring Sessions – two-hour long sessions with Java industry expert (for top three students/recent graduates applicants)

Ask initial questions in the All You Need to Know Webinar – 23 Feb, 2023 03:00 PM

Register for the Webinar

Task Requirements

Develop a business application using Jakarta EE 10 and Payara Server or Payara Micro.

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You will be able to choose one of the three types of apps to build – we will reveal the details on day 1 of the Hackathon during the Kick off Webinar and via email to each registered contestant.

This is a time-specific coding challenge, so we want participants to register early, but complete their work between 2 – 6 of March, 2023.

  1. Join our Payara Hackathon – All You Need to Know webinar on 23 Feb, 3PM GMT, to ask initial questions.
  2. Register via the form at the bottom of this page by 28 Feb.
  3. Receive your more detailed instructions by 2 March via email and in our Kick-Off Webinar, 2 March 10AM GMT.
  4. Join our Live Task Q+A Webinar on 3 March 3PM GMT to ask any questions you might have.
  5. 2 – 6 March: CODE! Create your work.
  6. Submit your code by 23:59 GMT on 6 March.
  7. We’ll be in touch to say thank you!

Clear some time during Hackathon weekend, and get the date in your diaries – it’s time to code!

Important Dates

  • Entries open: 16 February
  • Entries close: 28 February
  • Live Info Webinar: 23 February – Register here 
  • Live Hackathon Kick Off Webinar: 2 March
  • Tasks Open: 2 March
  • Live Task Q&A Webinar: 3 March
  • Submit Your Code By: 6 March
  • Judging starts: 7 March
  • Live Winners Announcement Webinar: 21 March
  • Prizes paid: by the 29 April
  • Mentoring Sessions for Students / Graduates: Delivered by End of 2023

Judging Criteria

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Innovation: Are there features or techniques used that have not been previously observed in systems? Are there new inventions or business methods that support the novelty?

Part of the Reef: To what degree does the application rely on the Payara Platform? Does it use features of Payara in expected or unexpected ways? Does the app highlight the technical and business benefits of Payara Platform?

Ease of Use & User Experience: How well does the application allow users to achieve goals with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in a specified context of use?

Potential Impact: To what degree does the application enable or deliver progressive developments within a field for competitive advantage, extensive adoption and market reach?

Use of Jakarta EE & MicroProfile: To what degree does the application leverage the various features provided by Jakarta EE and MicroProfile? Are they used in a logical and cohesive way?

“Payara’s implementation of Jakarta EE specifications is another testimony of the importance of Jakarta EE technology in the broader Java ecosystem! Java business application development has been relying on Jakarta EE (ex Java EE) for decades, and with the new Jakarta EE 10 version and introduced innovations, our vendor neural open source community is welcoming new contributors to join and ensure progress and longevity of this important technology!”

Tanja Obradovic, Jakarta EE Program Manager at the Eclipse Foundation


How to Enter

Sorry, registrations for the Hackathon are now closed

If you registered before the 28th of February, we will get back to you with more information regarding your entry and next steps within 2 working days from your form submission.

Other important info

  • Submissions will close no later than Tuesday the 28 February or when we reach the maximum number of participants.
  • By registering to the Hackathon you accept the official rules 

Still have questions? Contact us at

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