Payara Platform Supports JDK 7, 8,11,17+

Recent changes to Oracle’s JDK release cadence and support plans caused some concerns for users of JDK8. Many people resolved the concerns by downloading Azul Platform Core OpenJDK for use with the Payara Platform.

If you’re using Payara Platform 4, your Payara Enterprise support contract includes access to fully supported builds of Azul Platform Core OpenJDK 8 with commercial support until 2024. If you need support for JDK11, upgrade to Payara Platform 5.

OpenJDK Support Benefits Through Your Payara Enterprise Contract

  • Access to the Enterprise builds of the Zulu JDK for versions 7, 8, 11 and 17+.
  • Download these binaries and use them in any development, testing and production environment with no restriction. Or, with a simple set up you can get automated Yum repositories for those via our Nexus Server.
  • Customers using JDK 7 receive security updates through 2022; customers using JDK 8 continue to receive security updates through 2024.
  • Raise any concerns related to the workings of the JVM to Payara Enterprise for support through Payara’s private support platform.
  • Request backport of bug or security fixes implemented in a new release to an older release to delay migration to the latest JDK release.

FAQs: Payara Support & Zulu JDK

Understanding the Details of Your OpenJDK Support Benefit

Do I have to use Zulu JDK with Payara Server?

No, you can use any other supported JDK with Payara Server and Payara Micro. However, if you buy a Payara Support Subscription, you can benefit from Payara’s partnership with Azul, providing you with access to Azul Platform Core– Fully Supported Builds of OpenJDK – with Payara Server and Payara Micro, for no extra cost.

Is Payara bundling Azul Platform Core with Payara Server?

The Zulu JDK will not be bundled in the same downloadable artefact, but Payara will make Azul Platform Core available as a separate download for all Payara Support customers.

As a Payara Support customer, where do I download Zulu from?

Payara Customers with Payara Support contracts should download Zulu and Payara Server directly from Payara to be sure that they are getting all the latest security updates and fixes.

What Java versions does Payara support?

Private, updated builds of Java 7 will be available through Payara Support for the lifetime of Payara Server 4.x and updated builds of Java 8 will be available for the lifetime of Payara Server 5.x, so customers can plan for the future safely. Since access to Azul Platform Core is one of Payara’s Support features, Payara Support customers will maximise their support investment by downloading those builds from Payara’s repository. See Support Lifecycle.

Can I raise JDK tickets in the same way as Payara Server?

Yes, we provide full support for Azul Platform Core backed by Azul support. Our Support Engineers will work with you and Azul support to resolve any JDK issues.

Can I use Azul Platform Core on systems without Payara and get support?

No, support for Azul Platform Core is only provided under your Support Contract when used with Payara Server or Payara Micro.

Success Story

A US provider of integrated clinical, financial, and electronic health record solutions was planning to migrate its applications from Glassfish 3 to the Payara Platform during early 2018.

Due to changes in the Oracle’s Java Release cadence, they decided to wait for the Payara Platform to become compatible with JDK 11 before migrating from Glassfish to the Payara Platform.

In their view this would allow them to work on two migration projects (application server and underlying Java Platform) in just one go.

However, waiting for Payara’s JDK 11 compatibility had security risks since Glassfish received only two updates in 2017 while the Payara Platform has received 22 updates a year since 2014, many of those including critical security updates. A complete list of Payara’s security updates for the community stream can be found here

Once their team realised the type of JDK 8 support they would get via Payara Enterprise – access to Azul Platform Core binaries, security patches and the ability to raise tickets for JDK related issues- they immediately decided to migrate over to Payara and invest in Payara’s Migration & Project Support.

The company is now planning to use the Payara Platform for all their customers’ applications and will not only take advantage of Payara Enterprise’s Open JDK Support but also support for Payara Server 4 until 2024, since migrating from Glassfish 3 to Payara Server 4 is an easier migration path for their team.

In this use case, Payara Enterprise has not only reduced the company’s migration costs but has also offered them the freedom to upgrade their systems at their own pace.

Payara Enterprise and JDK Support

10-Year Support Lifecycle

Payara’s partnership with Azul gives you access to use Azul Platform Core – Fully-Supported Builds of OpenJDK – with Payara Server and Payara Micro.

  • Support for major Java SE releases for at least 10 years, providing more stability and control for your business.
  • Support and security updates for Java 7, 8, 11, 17 and beyond.
  • Access to fully certified and fully supported Zulu binaries.
  • Critical Patch updates for all supported Zulu versions.
  • You can raise support tickets for any issue with Azul Platform Core.
* you can use any other supported JDK with Payara Server and Payara Micro

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