Payara Server 172

Payara Server 172 Full

Basic, full version of our Java application server, derived from GlassFish Open Source Edition, with a full administration console. 
See the Data Sheet.

Payara Server 161 Full  Download 

Payara Micro 172

Small and incredibly simple to use, Payara Micro enables you to run war files from the command line without any application server installation.With its automatic and elastic clustering, it is designed for
running applications in a modern containerized/virtualized infrastructure. 
See the Data Sheet.

Payara Micro 161  Download

Payara MicroProfile 172

MicroProfile release is a cut-down build of Payara Micro 171. We have taken Payara Micro and shrunk it to support the MicroProfile apis; JSON-P, CDI and JAX-RS. As it is based on Payara Micro all the command line options you know and love are still available including Uber Jar creation.

Payara MicroProfile 1.0  Download

Payara Blue 172 & Payara Micro Blue 172

Payara Blue gives the IBM JDK users full support for running applications on Payara Server on any platform supported by the IBM JDK 7 or JDK 8.

Payara Blue Full 172  Download Payara Blue Micro 172  Download

Payara Docker Images

Payara Server & Payara Micro Docker images are available for you to download from the Docker Hub.

Payara Server & Micro  Docker Images

See here for all versions of Payara Server and Payara Blue, including Web Profile, Minimal, Embedded and Multi-Language.


(May 2017)